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CakePad ICO

ICO Description

CakePad is the best premier IDO platform for projects building on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron And all blockchains. Everyone who is looking forward to raising funds for their blockchain projects is welcome to submit an IDO application on CakePad. Cakepad is a Multi-Chain Launchpad. As the key to building and investing in the Block chain industry, Cakepad lets ideas raise capital in a decentralized way.


CakePad hasthepotentialto leadtheindustry throughitstwomainmissions:tosupport Multi-Chain crypto projectsand democratize early-stage investing forretail buyers. It guides game startupsfroma conceptto execution and public launch. It also providesthe opportunity forretail buyersto invest inthe future built by themost powerful crypto projects.


Cakepad has been working on launching a single platform that offers venture funding in tiered risk levels. In the meantime, we have put our theory of retail being excited to participate in venture funding if the risk level can be reduced. The first DYCO, which was essentially a risk-capped venture opportunity, quickly raised $3.5M from retail and then hit extreme oversubscription. The DYCO captured market participation at a time when token funding was at an all-time low, and most VCs had told us the raise would go dry.


This was before the DeFi hype-rally. However, we were confident that the problem was not a lack of retail interest, but a need for risk reduction to fit the risk tolerance levels of most retail. The DYCO’s success is proof that capping risk in venture capital is the pathway to bringing mass retail interest into venture funding.

✅ ICO CakePad details

ICO Details

ICO «CakePad» ICO Start: 2022-02-10

ICO «CakePad» ICO End: 2022-04-30

ICO «CakePad» Symbol: CKP

ICO «CakePad» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «CakePad» PreICO Start: 2022-01-28

ICO «CakePad» PreICO End: 2022-02-03

ICO «CakePad» Offering Type: ICO

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