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Bzet ICO

ICO Bzet Description:

ICO Description

Bzetcoin is a digital asset running on the Bzetmex Crypto Trading Platform's own blockchain network. The Bzetcoin project can be used for transactions such as investment and funding. We aim to make Bzetcoin an indispensable part of your crypto life!


Technology and digitalization are increasing the interaction and growth potential of people and businesses around the world. The 21st century is an era that allows people and businesses to transcend the boundaries of the physical world. While the digital world expands people's universe of experience, it also opens up new areas for imagination. Fast, efficient and reliable tools are needed to reach this new world. Bzetmex Exchange was launched in 2023 for the purpose of buying and selling, storing and transferring many digital assets in line with these needs.


The Bzetmex team, which has a strong foundation and works by adhering to the principles it has adopted, provides 24/7 service to ensure the account security of the users of the Bzetmex Crypto Trading Platform, to carry out the trading transactions smoothly, quickly and transparently, and for easy accessibility.


Bzetcoin was conceived as a cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. Made available to the user to verify, secure and share data and transactions. Bzetcoin aims to conduct transactions on a fast, secure and scalable network. It also aims to help people create new possibilities by increasing interoperability across blockchains. 

⭐ Bzet ICO details:

Bzet ICO ICO Details

Bzet ICO Start: 04 06 2023

Bzet ICO End: 05 19 2023

Bzet Symbol: BZET

Bzet Platform: Own Blockchain

Bzet Offering Type: ICO

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