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Brickken ICO

ICO Brickken Description:

ICO Description

Brickken - Create, Sell, and Manage Digital Assets. Brickken enables Real World Asset Tokenization, opening up for companies to digitize their assets. They can then create a Token Offering, selling Equity in the business directly from retail investors & current customers by creating their own custom Token Store highlighting all relevant investor details.

Companies can then manage the whole process through a seamless dashboard, from KYC & cap table management to features such as automatic dividend payouts, token-gated voting and much more.
Brickken’s legacy operating model was that of a service provider which utilized a centralized blockchain, where clients would use Brickken’s platform and thus, Brickken was required to adhere to the host state legal, and regulatory framework for the provision of a security token issuance. A very difficult task given the geographical disparity of projects and differing regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions.

This experience led Brickken’s management to decide to change the operating model from a centralized blockchain, to a frictionless, decentralized model, where third parties could take advantage of Brickken’s technology and know-how in a secure and legally compliant manner, whilst enjoying all the benefits associated with the use of security token offerings as a financing methodology.

During this transition, we realized that this new paradigm was not just providing a tokenization solution. Brickken will be providing a fully decentralized management system that will allow businesses to operate on chain (Web3), through entities born natively in the blockchain (DAOs), or through a combination of both (Web2-Web3), as the user finds it fit. Businesses will be capable of total customization ofl their presence and decision making in the blockchain.  

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⭐ Brickken ICO details:

Brickken ICO ICO Details

Brickken ICO Start: 07 20 2023

Brickken ICO End: 09 29 2023

Brickken Symbol: $BKN

Brickken Platform: MEXC

Brickken Offering Type: IEO

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