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BOJA is offered to the public to enable us to disrupt Nigeria's eCommerce, logistics, eCommerce-deliveries, and digital lending space through our cust

BOJA is offered to the public to enable us to disrupt Nigeria's eCommerce, logistics, eCommerce-deliveries, and digital lending space through our customer-centered solutions such as bojaga.com, softkredit.com, bojapay.com, and DDS. BOJA ICO will enable the scale-up of bojaga.com and expansion into other states in Nigeria, as well as other West African countries.


The platform has been developed so far on the founder's seed, and it currently processes and delivers groceries and food to customers within 1 hour to residents on the Island of Lagos. Bojaga.com is focused on quick delivery, quality products, affordability, and a convenient shopping experience. We currently run and execute an average of 150 orders daily on our WhatsApp business account without running any ads. Bojaga.com is scheduled to launch full operation on the web and mobile apps by October 2021.


Bojaga's mission is to create an innovative e-Commerce space that empowers Nigerians and Africans by providing access to affordable goods from within Nigeria and around the world.


BOJA token will enable softkredit.com to offer interest-free shopping credits and loans at zero percent interest rate to shoppers and vendors on bojaga.com. SoftKredit.com mission is to offer the convenience of an instant loan, with no collateral or paperwork required, while providing customers with the best possible customer service experience from start to finish. Softkredit.com believes in supporting those who are underserved by the formal banking sector and empowering them to build a better future.


DDS is a decentralized delivery system that will be the future of eCommerce. We are creating the first peer-to-peer network for deliveries, which will revolutionize how we buy and sell goods online. It's time to turn commerce over to you!   With DDS any local product purchased on bojaga.com and other partner platforms will be delivered within 1-24 hours.  BOJA token will ensure the continuous development of the platform, and eventual launch before the end of the year 2021.



BOJA token will also enable us to launch Bojapay. Bojapay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that will enable local businesses to accept crypto coins and tokens on their online platform and offline locations.

Bojapay goal is to make it easier for small businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies as a form of payment in everyday transactions. Bojapay offers an easy-to-use interface, instant conversion from cryptocurrency into fiat money, low transaction fees, no chargebacks, and any other hidden fees.

We are partnering with local and independent mobile money agents across the country to enable individuals to convert their crypto coins or tokens to cash in a seamless and fast transaction in urban, suburban, and remote areas. 


Bojapay will be initially tested on bojaga.com starting from September 2021 and a launch date fixed.


BOJA's goal is to become the universal currency and development partner for the disadvantaged communities and persons in Africa by 2025, where a good number of the populations suffer from a lack of access to tech solutions and financial services such as e-commerce, credits, banking, credit cards or even mobile money accounts.

Boja is committed to becoming the most valuable token in the world.

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