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BlueBit ICO

ICO Description

BlueBit is a decentralized yield aggregator protocol built on NEAR's Aurora EVM that offers a full set of farming solutions. The BlueBit Protocol is dedicated to providing DeFi users with various of risk tolerances with more secure, more assessible and more efficient farming experiences.


Why BlueBit?

  • Economic Incentives: BlueBit is the first yield aggregator that embedded the CRV voting escrow model into protocol, by locking utility token $BBT, users will get the governance token $veBBT, which enables users to participate in platform fee rebate, farming boosting, and voting rights. We believe this mechanism will effectively solve liquidity problems while align users’ goals with platform’s in the long term, so as to solve liquidity problems and help to maintain vault APY and $BBT price at a relatively stable range.
  • Security Assurance: We are exerting our best efforts to diminish users’ exposure to risks to a minimum level, that includes continuous audits from trusted third parties, fully open source codes, 24hr timelock for major contracts, whitelist for pools, and multisig for treasury fund(if needed).
  • Accessibility: Thanks to the NEAR and Aurora, the eco now has bridges allowing effortless token transferring process between Ethereum, Near, Terra, BSC, Avaxlanche, Polygon, Fantom, and Aurora. Meanwhile, unlike other complex DeFi projects, our engineers laid a heavy emphasis on a concise and easy-to-use UI design for DeFi newcomers.
  • Efficiency: Taking advantage of high-throughput, scalable on-chain transaction experiences powered by NEAR blockchain, BlueBit is dedicated to set up a full range of farming tools gradually to suffice the needs of different users, including LP pair vaults, single-asset vaults, lending, and leveraged farming.


Our Vision
Though we initiate our journey as Aurora ecosystem yield aggregator, BlueBit’s vision goes beyond that — In the future, under the governance and supervision of BlueBit DAO, BlueBit will continue contributing our bit to DeFi ecosystem in more effective ways. Namely, BlueBit DAO will cooperate, incubate, and invest promising DeFi projects to further thrive the ecosystem, and our results and achievements would be shared with every BlueBiter.

✅ ICO BlueBit details

ICO Details

ICO «BlueBit» ICO Start: 2022-02-01

ICO «BlueBit» ICO End: 2022-02-28

ICO «BlueBit» Symbol: BBT

ICO «BlueBit» Platform: NEAR/AURORA

ICO «BlueBit» Offering Type: ICO

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