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"Link your ICO to Success!"

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ICO «Block Broker»

⭐ Smart Contracts

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ICO «Block Broker» Listed:

April 18, 2018 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

Jatinder Kumar

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ICO Description

Block Broker is the world’s first decentralized ICO investment platform and it is going to change the way people invest in ICO’s forever! BBK will strengthen the industry allowing the promising crowd-salesto shine through and ensure that fraudulent ICO’s don’t get an opportunity to tarnish the booming industry.

All of the ICO’s we support are handpicked by our team of experienced professionals so that our users can be 100% confident of a safe and prosperous investment environment.

In a world where a new ICO is popping up every second day, fraud has become a major issue. Research shows that 10% of ICO’s are fraudulent, however this number is rising. Block Broker has set out to provide a 100% safe environment for ICO investors. We are creating Block Broker – the first decentralized ICO broker service to completely eliminate ICO fraud. When an investor contributes funds to an ICO on the Block Broker platform they will be 100% confident that the funds are secure via the BBK token smart contract escrow system.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

Block Broker is the first of its kind. We offer a truly unique solution to not only combat ICO frauds, but also providing an easy to use ICO broker platform.



ICO Details

ICO «Block Broker» ICO Start: May 11, 2018

ICO «Block Broker» ICO Finish: May 24, 2018

ICO «Block Broker» Symbol: BBK

ICO «Block Broker» Platform: Ethereum

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