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ICO «Bitcoin Crown»

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May 1, 2018
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ICO Description

Bitcoin Crown is introducing BTCC a new cryptocurrency and smart contract platform that gives game developers, content creators and gaming communities the required cryptobacked value and tools for implementing and managing virtual goods. The Bitcoin Crown platform will have full support for these tokens in the next 6 months.

Bitcoin Crown will be the largest gaming community creation platform online:

  • 250,000 gaming communities across thousands of games worldwide
  • 20 million registered gamers
  • Launched in 2017, based in UK
  • 70M global views per month
  • Gaming focused Content Management System and Forum creator
  • Millions of USD per month in virtual goods sales across BTCC community stores

Bitcoin Crown will develop a powerful framework of open-source software development kits (SDKs), wallets, game plugins, virtual item management apps and a payment gateway platform.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects

BTCC will develop tools that enable game publishers, game servers, and communities to manage virtual goods and in-game items across multiple platforms. Monetization using BTCC Coin will be a key focus with robust features and toolsets provided. Great benefits will be gained by utilizing a decentralized platform and the supporting frameworks. Benefits for Communities

  • Gamify your website and mobile community with custom BTCC Coins
  • Increase user participation and contribution on forums and walls.
  • Automate rewards and setup a variety of condition based triggers.
  • Tie-in your community rewards with in-game goods on servers or games.



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ICO Details

ICO «Bitcoin Crown» ICO Start: May 15, 2018

ICO «Bitcoin Crown» ICO Finish: May 31, 2018

ICO «Bitcoin Crown» Symbol: BTCC

ICO «Bitcoin Crown» Platform: Ethereum

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