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Bitcoin BSC ICO

ICO Bitcoin BSC Description:

ICO Description

Bitcoin BSC is an innovative fusion of the historic value of Bitcoin and the cutting-edge BNB Smart Chain. By offering an eco-friendly staking mechanism that encourages long-term holding and community involvement,


Bitcoin BSC aims to change the way we perceive token-based rewards. Bitcoin BSC is a BEP-20 token built on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), reimagining Bitcoin with a focus on staking. Instead of conventional mining, holders of $BTCBSC can earn passive income through staking, with the rewards scaled to the number of tokens staked and tied to Bitcoin's original block reward mechanism.


Bitcoin BSC's Stake-to-Earn model offers an eco-friendly alternative to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work. The token release mirrors Bitcoin’s estimated 120- year schedule and its block confirmations since April 2011. The rewards from staking are directly proportional to a member's share in the staking pool and the current APY. This model encourages a decentralized and engaged community, ensuring consistent growth in the token ecosystem.

⭐ Bitcoin BSC ICO details:

Bitcoin BSC ICO ICO Details

Bitcoin BSC ICO Start: 09 05 2023

Bitcoin BSC ICO End: 12 05 2023

Bitcoin BSC Symbol: $BTCBSC

Bitcoin BSC Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Bitcoin BSC Offering Type: ICO

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