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Bitbase ICO

ICO Bitbase Description:

ICO Description

BITBASE is the very first coin that has changed smart contracting as a whole and fixed it’s flaws, BITBASE is the very first coin to allow you to recover your coins in case of a transaction that goes bad. This could be useful in many ways, along with that companies like www.escrow.com , www.ebay.com , www.paypal.com and many more can implement it, Why should these companies integrate BITBASE, BITBASE coin could easily be integrated with their buyer/seller protection feature. BITBASE is not just a coin it’s an advancement to the blockchain technology as a whole it doesn't just end there. BITBASE also offers a unique VISA card that allows users to shop online with ease and no hassle. Why we invented BITBASE, in the Crypto industry there are many scammers about with the current crypto technology, due to that the crypto technology is rising very slowly with BITBASE technology in place the calculations show that the crypto technology market will attract more people everyday, since people will not fear losing their coins. BITBASE team, you will find all the information about the BITBASE team below on this WHITE PAPER and also on the homepage of www.btibase.io

⭐ Bitbase ICO details:

Bitbase ICO ICO Details

Bitbase ICO Start: 10 25 2017

Bitbase ICO End: 10 27 2017

Bitbase Symbol: BTB

Bitbase Platform: Token

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