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BH Network  ICO

ICO BH Network Description:

ICO Description

BH Network is a Web3 Hub comprising a fair Freelance Marketplace built on top of Elrond Network and a Projects and NFT Launchpad to incubate some of the most disruptive businesses and help them switch from web2 to web3. The BHAT Token is the epicenter of the BH Network web3 hub and allows access and interaction with all DeFi modules within the hub, whether using it as a freelancer, online services buyer, or investor.


As our team comprises freelancers worldwide, we understand the requirement for excellent service, and we will provide it. Our end goal is a fair Marketplace where all freelancers, agencies, and corporate companies can buy and sell electronic goods with minimal fees, fewer restrictions, a single and ever-evolving environment matching your requirements. The BH Network uses the Elrond Network Blockchain, allowing for seamless, low latency transactions gaining confirmation in less than a few seconds [10]. The technology we are building and the existing technology available to us allows us to reduce the number of scammed buyers or sellers exponentially.


Blockchain technology will never allow for chargebacks, and our escrow system will ensure total satisfaction from both parties.


Here is how:

1. Fully managed E-Marketplace with a custom escrow system

2. All services and products are allowed providing they respect all local and international laws

3. The buyer only ever releases payment when they are fully satisfied with the work

4. Sellers will never have unnecessary chargebacks

5. Elrond infrastructure allows for minimal back-end resources and lowers fees


The benefits of a decentralized Marketplace are numerous and vast. However, there are some main points that we would like to expand on:

1. Everyone is treated equally and with respect. There are no more significant benefits for anyone, not even the BH Network core team.

2. Community voting will allow a democratic and straightforward method of voting for changes if required or requested.

3. Marketplace complaints will always be treated fairly and with respect. However, repeated complaints about the same issue may see buyers or sellers having their rights to use the Marketplace restricted or revoked.

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⭐ BH Network ICO details:

BH Network ICO ICO Details

BH Network ICO Start: 04 15 2022

BH Network ICO End: 04 26 2022

BH Network Symbol: BHAT

BH Network Platform: Elrond

BH Network Offering Type: ICO

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