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ICO Description

Bezop is a decentralized peer to peer e-commerce order management and processing system powered by smart contracts, an autonomous buyer-seller protection service and a simple vat collection system all built on a decentralized blockchain network. bezop aims to provide an open source and complete solution for running a successful ecommerce business online. Merchants can participate by selling products and services on their self-hosted e-commerce stores (the Bezop DOM) and broadcast orders to the network.

The Bezop market runs on a blockchain with a native erc-20 protocol token (also called “bezop”), which miners earn on the ethereum blockchain by proof of work. Clients spend Bezop in purchasing goods and services on Bezop DOM and other integrated sites offering services and accepting payment in Bezops. Conversely, one can earn Bezops by selling goods and services and or simply receiving Bezop via wallet to wallet transfer. In the future, a Bezop Network will emerge where miners compete to mine blocks with sizable rewards; however, Bezop mining power will be proportional to active orders on the network. Hence, the usefulness of Bezop’s mining will not be limited to maintaining blockchain consensus. This creates a powerful incentive for miners to fulfil as much orders as they can. The protocol weaves these amassed resources into a self-healing blockchain network that anybody in the world can rely on. The network achieves robustness by implementing very powerful buyer protection techniques through smart contracts. The protocol’s order management portal provides adequate security as orders are encrypted end-to-end at the client, while miners do not have access to decryption keys. Bezop works as an incentive layer on top of blockchain, which computes a proof of order for any transaction. It is especially useful for decentralizing payments, building and running distributed e-commerce portals, and implementing smart contracts.



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✅ ICO Bezop details

ICO Details

ICO «Bezop» ICO Start: 2017-12-20

ICO «Bezop» ICO End: 2018-01-10

ICO «Bezop» Symbol: BEZ

ICO «Bezop» Platform: Ethereum

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