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BetBox ICO

ICO BetBox Description:

ICO Description

BetBox is an AI-driven Hedge Fund, bringing the power of Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks to turn sports betting into an alternative asset class. Our approach is rooted in science, rather than financial theory and implemented by a large team of researchers with backgrounds ranging from physics to computational math, ingesting more than 1,600,000 pieces of information daily.

BetBox has developed a large amount of proprietary technology and algorithms, finding knowledge in unstructured data and sitting at the core of our trading activity. Our idea was born at the end of 2015: looking up to the sports betting market we noticed it could be a source of data for training our Machine Learning and Neural Networks skills. We realized we could use real-time odds from all the online bookmakers we could reach to calculate a probability value for each match and, by using AI technology and algorithm, understanding which team to bet on and how much money to bet. Therefore, we decided to implement a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) called BetBox Beta, which offered 18.76x return on 7429 bets, over a 6-month-period. After implementing the MVP Beta product we understood we could further improve our results: for this reason we manage to raise US$470K seed from a private business angels’ Syndicate, in May 2016. This funding allowed us, in October 2016, to implement the current BetBox ETP (European Top Players) product and to strongly improve the economic return (28.12x on 4231 bets, over the same period of time).
BetBox ETP is, at the moment, focused on the football Top European Championships but, thanks to pre-ICO we are running in November 2017, we intend to implement new global and multi-sports products (Boxes) at the service of the Sports Betting Hedge Fund we are creating: the BetBox Hedge Fund. We have a tight schedule about the creation of the Hedge Fund: by April 2018 we are going to get any Hedge Fund licenses needed and we are going to run a Hedge Fund Institutional fund-raising in May 2018, and always with a view to improve our products, we will launch an ICO funding by October 2018.

⭐ BetBox ICO details:

BetBox ICO ICO Details

BetBox ICO Start: 12 05 2017

BetBox ICO End: 01 16 2018

BetBox Symbol: BETX

BetBox Platform: Ethereum

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