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BeePro ICO

ICO Description

BeePro Coin ($BPC) is a cryptocurrency aimed at the BeePro Scholarship community. We created a Scholarship in August/2021 with 6 teams, through breeds and new members we created 38 teams in November 2021. With this great growth we created a community with more than 3,000 players in our discord and with a queue with more than 2000 players interested in the game.

With that in mind we created BeePro Coin, to help new Scholars reach an opportunity faster, both playing Axie Infinity and playing other promising NFT's games.



The maximum cryptocurrency Supply will be 1,000,000,000 (1 billion tokens).

The currency is deflationary, each transaction 1% is burned automatically and 4% will be burned every 6 months.

15% Fee

The Fee will be used for the community for:

1% burned automatically

4% burned every 6 months

10% for community treasure


About the community treasure

Amount invested back into the BeePro Scholarship community as follows:

New Scholarship Vacancies.

Internal events for Scholarship members, such as tournaments and prizes for the top rankings.

Purchase of Lands to optimize Axies and create events.

Improvement of Axies according to the current goal of each season.

Investing in new games for Scholarship


Governance Token

Anyone with $BPC will be able to access the platform we are developing and vote on some interesting decisions for the Scholarship. 

The launch of the governance platform is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022

✅ ICO BeePro details

ICO Details

ICO «BeePro» ICO Start: 2021-12-04

ICO «BeePro» ICO End: 2021-12-31

ICO «BeePro» Symbol: BEP

ICO «BeePro» Platform: BSC

ICO «BeePro» PreICO Start: 2021-12-04

ICO «BeePro» PreICO End: 2021-12-31

ICO «BeePro» Offering Type: ICO

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