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ICO Barter Smartplace

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ICO Description

Barter Smartplace is a confidential digital asset exchange platform based on a legal smart contract. In addition, but as the main element of the platform ecosystem, a service of tokenization of a real valuable asset is provided, which can then be placed on the Smartplace. Digital assets lowered the barrier of trust, increase the privacy of the parties to the transaction and the speed of its execution. Legal smart contract with electronic signature allows achieving high reliability and convenience of the service.


Smart contracts in the financial sector have shown their advantage in comparison with traditional methods of value transfer, but so far have not been widely used in the legal industry. Barter is looking ahead and expanding the use of smart contracts in the legal field, using digital assets as contract objects.


By combining digital assets of different standards in one ecosystem, it is possible to exchange them with each other instantly and almost free of charge, having received this legal contract for the transaction with a record in the data register with a copy of the digital form of the contract. is a trading order platform in the Barter ecosystem.


An order that includes one or more items of uniform quality, items, and sets is called a lot. The lot can also include heterogeneous assets, for example, it is possible to place a car and real estate in one lot. Each order and lot is assigned a sequence number (ID) and a price is set. The value of the lot displays the total value of the assets included in it.



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✅ ICO Barter Smartplace details

ICO Details

ICO «Barter Smartplace» ICO Start: 2020-01-31

ICO «Barter Smartplace» ICO End: 2020-04-30

ICO «Barter Smartplace» Symbol: BRTR

ICO «Barter Smartplace» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «Barter Smartplace» PreICO Start: 2019-05-27

ICO «Barter Smartplace» PreICO End: 2020-01-31

ICO «Barter Smartplace» Offering Type: ICO

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