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ICO Bank4YOU Group

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Bank4YOU Group ICO

ICO Bank4YOU Group Description:

ICO Description

Bank4YOU Group provides customers with a wide range of pre-paid card options as well as other financial solutions. State of the art n-tech products are developed for people with active lifestyles, such as students, tourists, migrant workers, and frequent travellers.

One of the biggest concerns for most people travelling to another country for extended periods is how to obtain access to banking services without the need to be a resident of that country. Bank4You Group makes it really easy for visitors to make in-country as well as cross-border payments, without the need for proof of residency or a local bank account. Its secure money transfer is based on use of state-of-the-art mobile app.

Bank4You Group now intends to launch its own ICO in order to accelerate the goal of scaling its service rollout across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Based on current Bitcoin pricing and investments achieved by other similarly sized projects in the same sector, an indicative estimate for the total funding requirement is $10 million. This funding is required to support the company’s expansion into new markets and to develop enhanced services (including consumer micro-loans and the incorporation of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies within its money transfer services). It is expected to drive exponential customer growth, and the company believes it will have a signicant positive impact on its market value.

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Bank4YOU Group ICO ICO Details

Bank4YOU Group ICO Start: 11 06 2017

Bank4YOU Group ICO End: 03 31 2018

Bank4YOU Group Symbol: BFY

Bank4YOU Group Platform: Ethereum

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