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ICO Auctus

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Auctus ICO

ICO Auctus Description:

ICO Description

At Auctus we are a group of blockchain enthusiasts with backgrounds in pension funds, investments and software engineering. The majority of team members have more than 10 years experience in their respective fields and have held senior positions with reputable companies, as well as successfully started and grown their own companies.

The team is currently building a platform with the mission of improving the pension market by increasing transparency and eliminating, or at least reducing, common problems such as corporate governance issues, corruption, fraud, bribery and bureaucracy, as well as lowering operational costs.

Utilizing Ethereum’s network to create a blockchain-based pension fund solution has several advantages. Ethereum is the most consolidated platform offering smart contract support, with constant improvements and a very promising roadmap that will add additional advantages in the future.

The ambition behind Auctus is to create a pension fund platform on Ethereum blockchain, utilizing Ethereum smart contracts to automate processes, increase transparency and ultimately reduce operating costs of pension fund in a substantial way. The Auctus platform will be a global smart contracts-based platform for pension funds, designed to adapt to different legal and regulatory standards. With smart contract auditable code, the platform will ensure full transparency and compliance to the fund rules and allow calculations for contributions, employer matching and benefits, as well as provision of a variety of other features, such as investment profiles, beneficiaries designation (in case of death), administration fee calculations and portability between funds.

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Auctus ICO ICO Details

Auctus ICO Start: 11 14 2017

Auctus ICO End: 11 28 2017

Auctus Symbol: AUC

Auctus Platform: Ethereum

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