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Atherium ICO

ICO Atherium Description:

ICO Description

ATHERIUM (ATH) is a digital asset like other cryptocurrencies, ATHERIUM (ATH) is a type of crypto digital asset that uses community arithmetic, where the initial launch price is very cheap, thus giving the crypto-loving community the opportunity to get tremendous profits.


However, this is inseparable from the risk of loss, because this is a community-based digital asset, the price will be stable and even tends to rise if the community develops rapidly.


This token has some special features, such as; 

  • Tokens have a Max Supply (in other words, token Supply cannot be increased by any amount). 
  • ATHERIUM (ATH) currently uses Blockchain technology from the Binance Smart Chain chain, although by using BSC's Blockhain. we are able to provide relatively very cheap fees when our community makes token delivery. And interestingly, when we create our own Blockchain, then the transaction fee will be very much cheaper than it is today.
  • ATHERIUM (ATH) is a DeFi token that has a Staking Platform with a value security system, every member who stores or bets tokens on our Platform will be secured system using dollar currency or follow the Stablecoin exchange rate with fiat guarantees, such as USDT, USDC, BUSD, and many others. 
  • ATHEREUM (ATH) is designed as an algorithmic digital asset on Binance Smart Chain. This involves innovative solutions that can bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi.


The next generation of digital asset using on binance smart chain.

⭐ Atherium ICO details:

Atherium ICO ICO Details

Atherium ICO Start: 04 09 2023

Atherium ICO End: 06 09 2023

Atherium Symbol: ATH

Atherium Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Atherium Offering Type: ICO

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