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ICO ASTRcoin Description:

ICO Description

Asteroid, Ltd. is building a decentralized database whereby private individuals, corporations and nation states can register claims on mining rights to over 600,0001 identified asteroids in our near celestial orbit using a smart contract and proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms.

The system will be modelled after ICANN, a system familiar to us all, whereby individuals who desire to “claim” a website address apply for a specific website and register their domain. ICANN, a private company, acts as the registrar of the “website claim” and provides usage of the domain for a specific period of time with a renewal protocol.

Asteroid, Ltd. will provide services that allow claimants to secure a claim to specific asteroids within the database and act as the registrar for the claimant using Asteroid’s proprietary BlockClaim® mechanism. Each individual will lay a BlockClaim® to a specific asteroid and both a public and private ledger will be created on the Ethereum platform. This will be achieved through smart contracts, protocol tokens, called ASTR®, and a significant dataset identifying over 600,000 asteroids and approximately $700 Quintillion dollars of minerals2 . Each BlockClaim® will consist of a registration using ASTR® Tokens and provide an immutable record of the mining claim.

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⭐ ASTRcoin ICO details:

ASTRcoin ICO ICO Details

ASTRcoin ICO Start: 11 06 2017

ASTRcoin ICO End: 01 31 2018

ASTRcoin Symbol: ASTR

ASTRcoin Platform: Ethereum

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