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Artizcoin ICO

ICO Description

ARTIZCOIN will be a legal token that supports legal solutions by balancing the relationship between specialized and creative lawyers and allowing them to collaborate with transparency. ARTIZCOIN will tokenize intellectual property in order to guarantee compensation for creatives while ensuring the backing of investors. Unlike an NFT, where the source remains on the creative’s computer, ARTIZCOIN guarantees that the IP it tokenizes will not be copied or declined in the physical world.


We leverage blockchain technology to ensure existence, integrity, asset allocation, analytics, and data as we lay the groundwork for new models of exchange, collaboration, and sharing. Artizyou creates and enhances trust between client and content creator in the publishing and digital multimedia industries.


Artizyou's core goals are to create a platform that simplifies the process of publishing, licensing, authenticating, and monitoring digital assets. Simplifying the publishing process requires addressing issues of document integrity, licensing, arbiter, analysis, syndication, and digital asset allocation. Artizyou aims to create a blockchain-based platform with additional smart contract features and applications to make it easier to distribute digital creative works and remove market friction for publishers and content creators by solving these issues.

✅ ICO Artizcoin details

ICO Details

ICO «Artizcoin» ICO Start: 2022-05-15

ICO «Artizcoin» ICO End: 2022-06-15

ICO «Artizcoin» Symbol: ART

ICO «Artizcoin» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «Artizcoin» PreICO Start: 2021-09-30

ICO «Artizcoin» PreICO End: 2021-10-30

ICO «Artizcoin» Private Sale Start: 2022-03-15

ICO «Artizcoin» Private Sale Finish: 2022-04-15

ICO «Artizcoin» Offering Type: ICO

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