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ICO Description

ARTIS is a Blockchain built to serve as a foundation for decentralized applications by providing an open-source ecosystem sharing many similarities with the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore enriching the application space for new business models.

ARTIS combines the advantages of its infrastructure such as the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, with novel proposals in the blockchain space such as Plasma, Raiden and Sharding to solve for the two biggest issues that blockchain faces right now: sustainability and scalability.

ARTIS introduces two completely new system features:

  • "Streems", which literally make cash flow continuously between two accounts. This is a new on-chain scaling solution and is especially suited for regular payments or value transfers of all sorts. Streems need very few transactions, can run for an indefinite time and can be adjusted through oracles.
  • Sybil-attack resistant Member registration via a well-defined network structure. In ARTIS, humans will be registered anonymously and will get freshly minted ARTIS coins ("ATS") via a Streem. This will broaden the available user base for services built on top of the ARTIS Blockchain and assures a broad distribution of coins.

ARTIS has a special focus on practical security and usability in order to address the various security incidents in the course of blockchain history. The Minerva App (“wallet”) will provide proven, simple and safe key-storage and is designed to allow service integration in an intuitive way. The combination of broad ATS distribution and an automatic top-up feature for Crypto-Euros will lead the way to mass adoption for services on ARTIS.

Governance for ARTIS will be a decentralized, liquid democracy inspired system utilizing the unique ARTIS Network; combining a mixture of off-chain and on-chain decision making.

ARTIS is built for continuous value increase and therefore the distribution of ARTIS coins is tied to the growth of the ARTIS ecosystem. The total amount of ATS is capped at a maximum of 21,000,000,000 ATS and 3,000,000,000 ATS are available at the beginning. Approximately 75% of ATS will be distributed for free to every registered Member and limited amounts will go to all ARTIS network-relevant functions as well as the ARTIS Foundation to support further development.

ARTIS is creating a Blockchain for the new era of cryptoeconomics. It takes into consideration interactions with other cryptoeconomic systems, various scalability solutions and interactions with these protocols by humans and machines. ARTIS leverages the most advanced technology to offer a foundation for third party applications that make human interaction, sharing and business safer, easier and more sustainable. This creates an ecosystem for a future worth living in.



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ICO Details

ICO «ARTIS» ICO Start: 2018-05-31

ICO «ARTIS» ICO End: 2018-10-26


ICO «ARTIS» Platform: Ethereum

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