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ICO «ArtEx Global»

⭐ Art & Music

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November 9, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

With the ARTEX project, we will make an artistic catalog where original paintings and photos worth up to $ 5000 (70% of the market is comprised of pieces worth less than $ 5000. Less than 1% of these are forgeries) will be brought only through confirmed galleries; they will be verified by a massive community of experts. All information about the works will be available in a convenient mobile application where all relevant details (artist, purchase history, previous exhibitions, critical evaluations, and so on) will be available.

ARTEX will allow anyone who is in the market for a painting or photo to use one click to find all the pertinent information – the copyright owner, property rights, current location, and the controlling gallery. Art with value should not be shown in a simple house or office. Information will be entered into a Ethereum blockchain, specially designed to maintain the integrity of the information. Thereby, we will eliminate the risk of dishonest dealers altering the information in any way. The new, completely transparent, market will attract a new generation of investors (currently, the average age of art investors is more than 45). T

he debut of ARTEX will herald a new era of dynamic growth in the art market. Our project will become the main platform for dealers, galleries, and buyers who want to guarantee the safety and authenticity of their art.



ICO Details

ICO «ArtEx Global» ICO Start: December 5, 2017

ICO «ArtEx Global» ICO Finish: December 24, 2017

ICO «ArtEx Global» Symbol: ARX

ICO «ArtEx Global» Platform: Ethereum

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