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ICO ART VALUE Description:

ICO Description

Art Value will distribute a portion of the total supply of ARTS to investors during our Initial Coin Offering (ICO). ARTS is Art Value’s fungible utility token. By investing you will also receive at least one Number in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). The complete ICO will occur in four stages, each outlined below. For more information about ARTS, Numbers, and the technical vision of our project, please refer to our whitepaper.


ICO stages

During the ICO, our contributors will have the ability to gain greater access to opportunities within Art Value according to the number of ARTS they hold. The entire ICO period is divided into several phases and earlier investors will gain higher value. The acquisition of both tokens ARTS and NFT will raise the benefits and, for example, at the pre-sale stage the gained value might be up to 4x.



Whitelist for user registration prior the ICO to gain value in early-stage investment. Registration form(https://artvalue.org). Presale, Private ICO, and Public ICO come right after the Whitelist stage of ICO.




Art Value empowers global audiences to create, distribute and trade art of tomorrow. The online platform provides new ways of creating art online and build bridges for art collectors and artists.

Using advanced technologies and innovative solutions we disrupt the traditional art market and build new ways to create and invest in art. We are building an online platform where the concept “Number is Art” gets implemented. This connects our and everyone’s love and passion for numbers with the art world.

The main proposal is tokenization of Numbers. Numbers for collecting, to be turned into artworks, and for use in other digital applications. The tokenized Numbers will be brought to the crypto world and to the art world as well extending into games and other digital applications. The major fields the Art Value operates in are ArtTech and FinTech. Art Value uses a project-specific cryptocurrency called Art Value Coin (from now on ‘ARTS‘) and a non-fungible token (NFT, from now on Art Value Token, or simply ‘Numbers’), which recently got traction in the market and many art users got to understand the benefits of digital art and blockchain technology.

Digital Numbers will be tokenized with the Art Value as main application and utility, people in the world will use them in games as virtual accessories, digital assets. Imagine, you are Mario and you run a kart! On your helmet is your favorite number 5 and your cart is marked with 5 too! You will be able to use Art Value numbers in any digital application and games. With your own Number you will make an impact, the number becomes a utility in the world you care about, the gaming world is also yours! We are going to create games with Numbers, those will be mathematical games as well as other types, like crypto games with math formulas, calculations, like crypto generative and breeding stuff, or racing games. Also external games include Your favorite Art Value Number! Fortnite skin with your favorite and own Number 77!

Art Value is an exciting and ambitious start-up run by professionals with global expertise in art, design, business, finances, trading, and technology. We work in the fields of ArtTech and FinTech and we aim to disrupt the art market by creating a new way of generating, creating and selling art as well as build a new model for art support and art trading.

Our product functions through Numbers, we sell Numbers, we tokenize Numbers, we bring love to Numbers! Numbers get manifested as artworks, digital Numbers, and physical art.

We partner with leading art organizations and financial institutions to create the world’s largest art marketplace, transforming the art industry to fully embrace technology. We aim to expand the art market and get more people educated, excited, and passionate about the art.


Dedicated team

We are a team of 25 (and growing) passionate people driven by our expertise, ambition, trust and passion. Our extended team together with advisors expands through most important competences needed to complete the Art Value project. The project evolves over several digital solutions with a main focus on the web platform as well as in physical space with immersive exhibitions. The global reach and global competence are our team’s strength to execute the Art Value product worldwide.


⭐ ART VALUE ICO details:


ART VALUE ICO Start: 04 30 2021

ART VALUE ICO End: 05 30 2021


ART VALUE Platform: Ethereum

ART VALUE PreICO Start: 2021-04-30

ART VALUE PreICO End: 2021-05-11

ART VALUE Private Sale Start: 2021-05-11

ART VALUE Private Sale Finish: 2021-05-30

ART VALUE Offering Type: ICO

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