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ART Protocol ICO

ICO ART Protocol Description:

ICO Description

Art.protocol is a peer to peer platform, releasing new concepts for a next generation stock photography platform. Art.protocol will be a vehicle for fair trading of digital works between artists and buyers. The terms of use ensure a secure, easy to use and fair trading process for both parties. Artists will receive up to 95% of the final selling price of their digital works.


By developing the Art.protocol platform, we present the possibility for artists to sell their works directly to their customers, on their own terms. Mediated by Smart Contracts, when a sale is made, the seller is paid, and the buyer receives the purchased picture immediately. Thus, Art.protocol doesn’t require a centralised authority to ensure the correctness of transactions. This reliability is inherently contained in the blockchain technology. The Art.protocol platform has been engineered from the ground up, to solve the problems of traditional stock Art platforms. For ongoing development, the wisdom of the community oversees the platform and machine learning is employed to find solutions for other problems


Total market cap - 230.000.000,00

Sale 55%
10% - Pre-sale:
2.0% - private sale 1 ART - 0.18$
8.0% - ICO 1 ART - 0.24$
Minimum amount to purchase on ICO day - 200$
Maximum amount to purchase on ICO day - 1200$

All purchased tokens are the subject to a lock up period explained below.
ICO - 50% of purchased tokens on ICO day will become accessible before listing on the cryptocurrency exchange, other 50% of the total purchased amount will be accessible 30 days after staking participation.

Public sale conditions:
45% - will become accessible in equal portions on monthly basis during upcoming 3 years.

7% - reward stake
5% - marketing (locked up for 1 year period)
10% - developer team
23% - development of innovative Art Protocol ecosystem (locked up for 1 year period)

ERC20 tokens (ETH or USDT)  must be used to make a transaction. All the funds must be sent to the following ETH wallet address:

  • 0xad323a606b4b57Bb887F9a962da439444CA454A1

There is a fixed rate of 0.18 USD per 1 ART token, the minimum purchase order is 200 USD and the maximum is 1200 USD per person.


⭐ ART Protocol ICO details:

ART Protocol ICO ICO Details

ART Protocol ICO Start: 02 18 2021

ART Protocol ICO End: 02 25 2021

ART Protocol Symbol: ART

ART Protocol Platform: Uniswap

ART Protocol Private Sale Start: 2021-02-13

ART Protocol Private Sale Finish: 2021-02-17

ART Protocol Offering Type: ICO

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