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ICO Apollo Fintech

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ICO Description

Apollo Fintech (GSX - Gold Secured Currency) is the first stable coin that increases in asset value indefinitely. GSX gives its owners the benefits of having a minimum asset value, like a stable coin, while also facilitating growth in value like traditional cryptocurrencies, all on top of offering dividends to its holders.


The operation of Apollo Fintech will help to answer a popular question in the world of investment. What is better for investment, gold or cryptocurrency? What if we create a mechanism that will allow one asset to generate cryptocurrency potential and the relative stability of gold. Gold is usually associated with a defensive tool in investment. By acquiring gold, an investor can wait out the economic crisis and the downturn in the stock market. By combing cryptocurrency with consistent growth in gold, one can potentially tap into the benefits of Gold, while maintaining the possibility for the higher gains of a cryptocurrency. 


The primary goal will be to mine precious metals, obtain rights for more gold rich land, build new mines, and increase the effectiveness of the existing mines. The company's operations will be based on the issued GSX, and its value will be formed in a unique way that has no analogs in the world of investment. The only beneficiaries of the company will be Apollo Fintech and GSX coin holders. In addition to ensuring gold and other precious metals mining, Apollo Fintech will be responsible for sales, and the formation of a financial balance that will provide the stability of the coin and its future growth, which is directly related to the volume of mined metals.



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✅ ICO Apollo Fintech details

ICO Details

ICO «Apollo Fintech» ICO Start: 2020-06-26

ICO «Apollo Fintech» ICO End: 2020-10-24

ICO «Apollo Fintech» Symbol: GSX

ICO «Apollo Fintech» Platform: GOLD

ICO «Apollo Fintech» Offering Type: ICO

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