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ICO Ankorus

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ICO Description

Ankorus will forge a vital new connection from the crypto sphere to the established world of finance, enriching both with enhanced levels of opportunity and security. 

Ankorus will enable cryptoholders to buy real world financial assets. In exchange for cryptocurrency, Ankorus will create and allocate tokens that are exactly value-pegged to their corresponding assets. The natural result we expect to be a radical disruption to the traditional financial world, which too often serves too few.

Where some rivals simply expose their customers to assets, Ankorus will actually secure and hold them for you. Cryptoholders could truly diversify their portfolios across multiple asset classes. Harnessing innovative technology, Ankorus is initiating a new landscape of frictionless trading, beyond geographical boundaries and prohibitive financial barriers.

Vibrant markets require liquidity, and by our plan to link the crypto world with that of finance, trading volumes will assuredly – and markedly – increase. Ankorus will open multiple new channels for the movement of wealth, and this additional fluidity will also facilitate exits to more stable holdings from volatile markets. Where previously cryptoholders found themselves lost at sea, Ankorus will empower its users to anchor in a safe harbour of their choice.

It is worth noting that the still immature and evolving crypto sphere has too often been caught napping when it comes to the matter of security. A pervasive sense of vulnerability gnaws at many there as they know, at any time, their gains might fall prey to hackers or other misfortune. With Ankorus, peace of mind will be bestowed by our next generation smart wallets and innovative exchange procedures, where we will set new – and needed – standards in security and service. Twenty-four hour multilingual customer care will be on hand to attend to any account issue customers might have, whether breached security or simply a mislaid password. Ankorus intends to become a fully registered broker-dealer and acquire membership on a large and reputable exchange, securing the cheapest commissions for our customers and enabling all the best practices. Assets purchased and held by Ankorus will be insured and audited on a regular basis, for we recognise that trust and transparency are two of the most crucial ingredients in fostering sustained growth. Additionally, we will also establish AnchorNet, our unique trading platform that will form the nexus between the crypto and finance worlds. 



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✅ ICO Ankorus details

ICO Details

ICO «Ankorus» ICO Start: 2017-11-25

ICO «Ankorus» ICO End: 2017-12-25

ICO «Ankorus» Symbol: ANK

ICO «Ankorus» Platform: Ethereum

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