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ICO AMZCoin Description:

ICO Description

AMZcoin created and launched by VISIONARIA. A platform that utilises EOSIO software, aims to provide funding assistance for multiple projects, including Charitable and Humanitarian Programmes, Crypto Asset Exchange, Entrepreneurial, Commercial and Marketing Apps, YouTube and Online TV Channels.


VISIONARIA Hybrid Business Model, best described as a platform where companies invest in their customised products, but also in building a more significant client base by extending their ecosystem to incude other diverse or related companies via API. For example, Apple hosts many of its brand software Apps and hardware such as phones, watches and more, but includes many other company apps that have been developed using iOS.


Visionaria has collaborated with multiple companies not only to spread the risk and costs but also to take advantage of the diverse group of customers visiting a single platform to guild a more significant investor and customer base. Revenue increases through third party information sharing, thereby broadening the customer mix on an infinite level.


Increased Revenue with Hybrid Business Platforms comes through different sources that are now more diverse because of third party exposure:

  • Increased Lead Generation leading to more customers/sales
  • Revenue Sharing Partnerships and Affiliates
  • Variable Fee Structures
  • Pay for Use/ViewB

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⭐ AMZCoin ICO details:

AMZCoin ICO ICO Details

AMZCoin ICO Start: 11 01 2019

AMZCoin ICO End: 03 25 2020

AMZCoin Symbol: AMZCoin

AMZCoin Platform: EOS

AMZCoin PreICO Start: 2019-12-17

AMZCoin PreICO End: 2020-01-06

AMZCoin Private Sale Start: 2019-11-01

AMZCoin Private Sale Finish: 2019-11-30

AMZCoin Offering Type: ICO

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