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AllSporter ICO

ICO AllSporter Description:

ICO Description

AllSporter is a marketplace made solely for the sports enthusiast, working in a peer-to-peer model. AllSporter gives all users the possibility to share their sports gear or skills in a decentralized and secure way. Thanks to aggregated supply and demand, community members have instant access to a wide range of sports equipment and training all around the world based on proximity, ratings, experience or best price. By using blockchain, users can pay for services using tokens and get rewarded for providing specific products or services.

First decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace, where sports enthusiasts can book training, rent equipment and monetise personal data.
Win - win solution
AIISporter enables direct connections, decentralising the market, and letting individuals decide on a time, price, and place for the training as well as the equipment.

Coins enable commision-free payments
Direct connection supports flexibilty
Each party can act like a customer, trainer or equipment rentier at once


AllSporter Coin - ERC20 token and smart contract system is based on Ethereum protocol. Thanks to this protocol, AllSporter Coin can be freely transferred between wallets and easily integrated into the cryptomarkets. A total of 260M tokens will be issued.


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⭐ AllSporter ICO details:

AllSporter ICO ICO Details

AllSporter ICO Start: 10 10 2018

AllSporter ICO End: 12 28 2018

AllSporter Symbol: ALL

AllSporter Platform: Ethereum, ERC20

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