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Airporn ICO

ICO Airporn Description:

ICO Description

Airporn is the first adult entertainment platform powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Content producers (publishers) publish the videos onto the Airporn platform, and consumers are charged for watching the videos. Both the producers and consumer are paid and charged with the Airpon XXXtokens.

The Airporn platform is trying to solve the common pain point endured by both porn producers and the consumers. For indie porn producers, it is important for them to separate work from real life, thus hiding their identities is crucial but often hard to implement. If the payment processor gets hacked bank account information and identities can be exposed. For the end-users, the endless ads and phishing links popping out of the porn site bothers them and put their personal info at risk. Even for paid porn site, they are risking their credit card info being stolen or misused.

The Aiporn platform tries to solve the above problem with cryptocurrency payment and incentive design. The porn producers post video contents on the Airporn platform and are paid for each view of the video with the Airporn XXX token. The consumers get an ad-free adult video site by paying a relatively small fee to the producers. 

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⭐ Airporn ICO details:

Airporn ICO ICO Details

Airporn ICO Start: 08 14 2017

Airporn ICO End: 11 14 2017

Airporn Symbol: XXX

Airporn Platform: Ethereum

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