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ICO «Airchain Network»

⭐ Transport

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ICO «Airchain Network» Listed:

April 20, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Airchain stand for any investor who wants to buy shares in businesses they believe in and  any business that wants to raise and build a world class delivery system. That’s why we created Airchain platform. To connect businesses directly to investors, using Smartcontract, to make buying, selling and delivery of products and services easy.

Our platform is already available as a prototype on our website. It provides solutions to the problem of air freight industry by facilitating fast and efficient delivery of goods and services by air for large enterprises and smaller businesses alike. We offer business owners access to the sophisticated tools and techniques of the freight industry. For less the stress and price. We are creating a business opportunity for investors we provide direct access to a huge range of offers previously available to institutional investors, for zero fees. Our cutting-edge approach Is to help business and logistic companies to deliver products of goods and services, whilst our use of Blockchain technology removes duplication, ensure distribution and enforces transparency. We allow investors and businesses to exchange goods and service on for fiat or cryptocurrency in a transparent, tamper proof and immutable distributed ledger.

With the ANK token an access to a peer to peer platform where speed and transparency are accessible and a community that will helps each other strive and grow the ecosystem of the air freight. The Airchain token will give the token holders the right to claim right over parcels sent on the Airchain platform and obtain real time tracking scores for certain entities which have a sufficient track record on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Airchain token allows the community members send parcel on the ecosystem and make more income. With the ANK token you can pay for parcels fee and exchange parcels and income on a peer to peer level without intermediary or regulatory fees.

We already have MVP and product for our project, we already have Application in all platforms: Web, Playstore and Appstore, Over 80% of ICOs are only on the paper, but we want to make the blockchain and smartcontract in reallife to make everything easier.

Our project is one of the most concrete examples of the smartcontract Dapps. We hope after our project there are many others to make life better.



ICO Details

ICO «Airchain Network» ICO Start: May 14, 2018

ICO «Airchain Network» ICO Finish: June 14, 2018

ICO «Airchain Network» Symbol: ANK

ICO «Airchain Network» Platform: Ethereum

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