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ICO «AidCoin»

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ICO «AidCoin» Listed:

November 9, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

AidCoin is an ERC20 utility token that allows people to donate to charities while easily tracking their donations on a public ledger (AIDChain). AidCoin also allows charities to integrate a donation button (AIDPay) on their website that enables the acceptance of crypto currencies for their fundraising campaigns.

People can donate in any crypto currency or altcoins that will be converted into AidCoin at the current exchange rate. The online donation market is $15bn in the US alone. The rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies will definitely impact the way to donate in the future and AidCoin is set to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

CharityStars is a company backed from VCs. Since its inception, our team of 25 professionals has already worked with 500+ charities including Unicef, Save the Children and WWF. Our core competency is the ability to bring high-level partnerships with charities, celebrities, and high-profile corporation. Unlike other projects looking to tokenize the nonprofit sector, CharityStars has developed an ecosystem of charities, donors, celebrity donors and Gala events that will serve as the basis on which to begin using the token immediately, because the ecosystem is already up and running. For this reason, CharityStars has a proven capabilities and resources that can implement the promise of blockchain in the nonprofit world.

CharityStars has planned to utilize the token internally in a way that incentivizes the adoption and the retention from its own community of 40,000 bidders who will need to purchase and keep AidCoin tokens in order to participate in the most exclusive auctions. ICO supporters can immediately use the AidCoin token on CharityStars platform to purchase one of the five hundreds monthly high-profile auctions featuring celebrities, artists and luxury brands.

The AidCoin token sale structure has been planned to give long-term value to the coin. We have set up long-term vesting for team and advisors and other methods to sustain a healthy long-term growth, such as a burning fee mechanism to reduce the total supply of tokens over time. While auctions are won and commissions paid with tokens to CharityStars, a portion of the tokens will be burnt. As the volume of the auctions increase, the total supply ΛID COIN 5 of tokens decreases per the effect of the burning fee, thus increasing the value of AidCoin.



ICO Details

ICO «AidCoin» ICO Start: January 16, 2018

ICO «AidCoin» ICO Finish: February 1, 2018

ICO «AidCoin» Symbol: AID

ICO «AidCoin» Platform: Ethereum

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