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ICO Description

AGROCOIN is a crypto coin that will become the means and guarantor of payment between users. This is a token that will become a tool for the agroindustrial market, and with the help of which users of the agroexchange platform will be able to conduct their transactions on the purchase and sale of goods in the agricultural sector.

Token Agrocoin supports smart contract technology and was created to develop trust and positive reputation of a credit platform on the Ethereum ecosystem. Agrocoin aims to conduct the fastest, most transparent and secure transactions.

AGRODEX This is a global B2B platform for trade in agricultural products and food products, as well as attracting investments without restrictions on production geolocation. Registered suppliers and customers will be able to enter into smart contracts, create exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in different parts of the world.

Each product will be classified in the registry and valued at Agrocoin. Any user has the opportunity to sell or purchase products in the foreign markets using a smartphone and not worrying about problems with logistics, cargo safety and financial losses. Innovation of our project is expressed in the following points:

  • Ease of making deals with a smart contract;
  • Efficiency and economic benefit for all participants in transactions;
  • Security, transparency and speed of transactions based on blockchain technology.

Suppliers have the opportunity to sell their products, not limited to time and place, with the maximum benefit. Participants purchase goods in the required quantity and quality. The platform is the guarantor of the transaction between all parties through the use of smart contract technology. It provides all the necessary procedures related to the organization of logistics services, the implementation of product quality control and financial support of the transaction, providing the producer and the consumer with more opportunities in the field of foreign economic activity.

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✅ ICO AGROCOIN (IEO) details

ICO Details

ICO «AGROCOIN (IEO)» ICO Start: 2019-04-05

ICO «AGROCOIN (IEO)» ICO End: 2019-07-05



ICO «AGROCOIN (IEO)» PreICO Start: 2019-03-25

ICO «AGROCOIN (IEO)» PreICO End: 2019-04-04

ICO «AGROCOIN (IEO)» Offering Type: IEO

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