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ICO AFTX Description:

ICO Description

AFTX Group is creating ‘TFX’, a DeFi Platform for Transactions made to many areas. We offers Loan Consolidation, Yield Creations, Insurance, Real Estate & Investments while providing the ability to transact through TFX’s Platform. We bring Value & Reward to TFX Holders to gain control of transacting while Investing on our Token. TFX Platform Connects people around the world of Sellers, Brokers and Buyers all Together as One.


It gives an opportunity to Transact with Transparency, Hassle Free, Secure and Fast Processing through TFX. It’s most Beneficial Ability to TFX Holders, is while transacting through TFX Platform, when TFX Holders gain an extra mile by enjoying it’s Lower/Agent Fee with Guaranteed Cash Backs. While TFX Token is the official coin used to transact between private investors for private investments, AFTX Group assures TFX Holders that the price of TFX Token will always be in the bullish trend. Absolute no financial lost will be encountered by the end of the year.


With the support of all our Investors, AFTX Group guarantees our Token will not drop but will only rise up with great returns. In the case of financial lost within our TFX Holders, AFTX Group offers a buy back scheme at the price the holders purchased at, with an additional of 6% return of investments. To acquire the buy back scheme, TFX Holders will require to hold TFX Token for a minimum of 365days from the date of purchase, together with supported documents of proof. AFTX is developing on TFX’s decentralised platform and Mobile Apps which will be available to public in the up coming! AFTX Group are currently in contact with business owners to accept TFX as the one stop form of payment. An Overview of TFX Platform:  


TFX Exchange:  

Cryptocurrency Exchange  

Withdrawal and Deposition of Funds  

Direct Withdrawal  

Acceptable and Comparable Fee 

Available on Website and Mobile App 


Cryptocurrency Loan:  

P2P Lending & Borrowing 


Option to opt for insurance coverage  

Available on Website and Mobile App 


TFX Real Estate:  

Availability with or without broker @ a lower fee 

Hassle Free Full Estate Transactions with documents done by platform for users 

Global Real Estate Investments with full information about the property 

Secured Investment. Contract is required to be signed and insurance to cover the Investment. 


TFX Private Investments: (Annual Reports and Company’s Profile will be shared to the public) 

Venture Capital  

Mezzanine finance 

Growth Capital 

Private loan 


Saving plan 

Insurance coverage 


Mutual Fund 

Private investment (Only by invitation) 

Available on Website and Mobile App 

Secured Contract is required to be signed and insurance to cover the investment 

Short term Physical and Financial investment 

        . 3 to 9 months, Low-High Risk Investments with good returns. Choices of Insurance Coverage. For physical investments, Investors are able to view physical product at any point of time. 



TFX Decentralised Luxury MarketPlace by AFTX.Group 

Global Market using of Cryptocurrency  

Buy or Sell with TFX Token 

TFX Point Rewards. Availability for exchanges on Exchanges or Cash Backs 

High End Products listed by AFTX.Group will be lowered to TFX Holders as an appreciation for using TFX Platform 

Closed Tender for Limited High End Products for TFX VIPs (By Invitations) 

Live Auction Option Available 

Available to all users 

Available on Website & Mobile App  



AFTX Group achieves to be the number one platform for most transactions available around the world with allowing people to achieve quick, decisive and full hassle free for everyone.

⭐ AFTX ICO details:


AFTX ICO Start: 09 25 2021

AFTX ICO End: 10 27 2021

AFTX Symbol: TFX

AFTX Platform: Ethereum

AFTX PreICO Start: 2021-09-25

AFTX PreICO End: 2021-10-27

AFTX Private Sale Start: 2021-09-25

AFTX Private Sale Finish: 2021-10-27

AFTX Offering Type: ICO

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