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Adshares ICO

ICO Adshares Description:

ICO Description

Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Adshares provides better transparency, less fraud, and reduced costs for all market participants. Adshares Network runs on ESC Blockchain and uses Adshares Tokens for ad payments. Fees collected from processing payments are distributed among token holders.

The current programmatic advertising landscape is highly opaque and fragmented. Far too many intermediaries stand between advertiser and publisher. This causes inefficiency in pricing while intermediaries fees consume huge parts of publishers’ revenue. For example, Google Adsense takes a 32% cut for allowing you to find suitable advertisers. Reliable estimates of typical intermediary fees are hard to get (no surprise!), but estimates point to around 50% feesi . Some high-profile cases point to even more absurd fees up to 70%ii. Just to recap: advertisers pay $3.00 per thousand impressions while the publishers who actually deliver these impressions only get $1.50, or perhaps even $0.90! This massively inefficient market is ripe for disruption. 

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Adshares ICO ICO Details

Adshares ICO Start: 07 07 2017

Adshares ICO End: 01 12 2018

Adshares Symbol: ADST

Adshares Platform: Ethereum

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