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ICO «Aditus»

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December 8, 2017 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

wye fueng

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ICO Description

Founded by veteran entrepreneurs by luxury and tech, Aditus is the world's first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents, aiming to connect this new crypto-affluent community with the luxury lifestyle they desire.  Aditus is a platform where crypto-affluents can access Smart Invitations from luxury merchants to enjoy their products, services or establishments in complete privacy.  These Smart Invitations are based on Ethereum smart contracts, which on the Aditus platform allow users to receive offers and information that match both their personal preferences as well as the targeting requirements of luxury merchants.

Utilising the Ethereum blockchain and our DAPP, the matching is done in a decentralised manner, making it possible for these offers to be made in complete privacy. The Smart Invitations also rewards users in Aditus tokens for fulfilling certain user actions (e.g., visiting a store or making a purchase) We will set up payment gateways with our partner merchants, to ensure that Aditus users can make payment with different crypto-currencies through their Aditus wallet.

Aditus is also creating a VIP Rewards Program for crypto-affluents, similar to those currently found on top-tier bank credit cards.   How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects: Our experience as product entrepreneurs tells us that the only way to really bring merchants onto a new platform is if they can use the platform to do targeted marketing and outreach, and not merely to facilitate payments. Thus we work very closely together with the blockchain companies working on ease of payments (POS terminals, payment gateways), and help roll-out these solutions to luxury buyers and sellers on our platform. We are working with PundiX, Kyber Networks to roll them out with our existing clients, thus finding many more real-world applications for innovative blockchain solutions. There are many projects focused on the unbanked and we believe those projects are hugely important in fulfilling the potential of the blockchain and crypto-currencies. But we believe that there is also value to the eco-system by focusing on the other end of the spectrum as well: converting affluent people to crypto-currency use will bring crypto-currencies into the mainstream. We also believe the results can be seen sooner in this market category.  

Name of Project: Aditus Name of Token, Ticker Name: ADITUS, ADI  Protocol: Ethereum. ERC20 Tagline: Luxury Access for Crypto-Affluents Logo: attached Concept description:  Rising cryptocurrency, values have created a new community of wealthy individuals the crypto-affluents. 

Country Incorporated: Singapore Website: 



ICO Details

ICO «Aditus» ICO Start: November 30, 2017

ICO «Aditus» ICO Finish: December 20, 2017

ICO «Aditus» Symbol: ADI

ICO «Aditus» Platform: Ethereum

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