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Acranup ICO

ICO Acranup Description:

ICO Description

We at Acranup are working to reduce the amount of exposure that cryptocurrency markets have to falling fiat currencies. Particularly our decentralised reserve $ACRN currency is an opportunity to deconstruct the cryptocurrency market's excessive reliance on US dollars. The primary goal of $ACRN is to function as a crypto asset that retains its value over time without depreciating, therefore it is not tied to the US dollar as other cryptocurrencies. Rather than that, Acranup guarantees the issuance, stability and the value of $ACRN tokens through the use of a protocol-controlled reserve of crypto holdings. Basically, Acranup owns rather than rents its liquidity.


The goal of the Acranup project is to create a global virtual currency supported by crypto rather than the US dollar. Aiming on helping the global community, Acranup is building a decentralised financial infrastructure owned by its members and used for their benefit.

In order to keep the value of each $ACRN token stable, the Acranup treasury holds a diversified portfolio of assets (for example: Binance USD or BUSD). With intention to encourage users to deposit or sell their collateral to the Acranup treasury in exchange for $ACRN tokens, Acranup leverages token staking and bonding.

Our ambition is to gradually integrate DAO until the DAO gains entire control over the $ACRN token's behavior, which is precisely what we want in our policy-controlled currency system.

The US dollar is used to back a huge variety of different stable-coins. This has led to a dispute about whether or not stable-coins are actually stable in the face of declining traditional financial assets. It is the goal of the Acranup decentralised reserve $ACRN currency to reintroduce crypto markets from their extreme reliance on US dollars. Overall, Acranup thinks that $ACRN will act as a strong digital currency that retains its purchasing value in the face of market turbulence.

⭐ Acranup ICO details:

Acranup ICO ICO Details

Acranup ICO Start: 03 28 2022

Acranup ICO End: 06 28 2022

Acranup Symbol: ACRN

Acranup Platform: Multi Chain

Acranup Offering Type: ICO

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