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ICO 2local

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ICO Description

2local is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that encourages sustainability and prosperity for everyone in the world. It provides a convenient market place for consumers to connect with companies that produce local and/or sustainable goods and services. Using their native L2L stablecoins, consumers receive a cashback for local and sustainable purchases.


The L2L token is a preparation for an ‘algorithm-backed Stablecoin’ linked to a cashback system. A fee is deducted from every transfer, which together with the profit in the system, is returned to the participants of 2local if they purchase sustainable and / or local products from the connected companies, i.e. companies that can prove that they produce locally and sustainably. They can register for this on the website 2local.io. An important part of this website is the marketplace section with a search function. This brings consumers closer to the companies that sell sustainably and / or locally.


Achieving sustainability and prosperity demands a transformation process. We need to move from competition and societal preservation to cooperation and renewal. Our core values are developed by turning competitive self-interest into cooperative bridging, facilitated by a 2local cashback system. Our vision is inspired by cultural relativism, moving away from preservative closed groups in favor of symbiosis for everyone. We achieve this by asking people only a small amount of money to participate. Our mission aims to realize reciprocal solidarity by transforming power competition into cooperative bonding in 2local communities, facilitated by 2local cryptocurrencies. Our strategy breaks from the norm, leveraging blockchain technology to work toward innovative renewal.



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✅ ICO 2local details

ICO Details

ICO «2local» ICO Start: 2019-10-17

ICO «2local» ICO End: 2019-12-31

ICO «2local» Symbol: L2L

ICO «2local» Platform: Stellar

ICO «2local» PreICO Start: 2019-10-01

ICO «2local» PreICO End: 2019-09-16

ICO «2local» Offering Type: ICO

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