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ICO Description

Zool Pay ICO for Shariah Based Finance Lending (Interest Free), Gaming Satellite, Zool Smart Chains.

Amazing opportunities to get 100x returns. 

We propose the ZOY as a token of exchange in an advertising system based in the desktop and the mobile browser and app. Introduction of ZOY token in all the products of Zool ecosystem like FinTech, Food Tech, Ad Tech, etc. The regular demand for advertising will tend the advertiser to increase the demand for the Zool Pay Token and hence increase the price of the token gradually so holders may see steady growth.
Vision 2027
Investment Portfolio and Expansion of Zool Ecosystem for worldwide adoption of Zool Pay Token

Sectors of investment

Blockchain and Conventional Startups with the following segments

Equities of internet and non-internet based companies

Fixed Income Ventures

Financial Alternatives - Crypto Based Hedge Funds

Real Estate - Crypto Based Funding

Private Equities



Block-chain Currency (Zool Pay) and Exchange

Development of blockchain-based web hosting services with incentives to the miners.

Geography of Investment
North America - 35%-50%

Europe - 20% - 35%

Developed Asia - 5% -15%

Emerging Markets - 15% - 25%

Developments, Corporate Tie ups and Integrations

Development of Zool Pay App/Wallet to counter Google Pay and Amazon Pay.

Development of Zool Blockchain like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Financing the advertising budget of advertisers based on their credit history. Upto 80% finance and 20% of the amount has to be paid by the advertisers by purchasing Zool Pay Token. This will attract most of the businesses out of 650 million businesses around the globe to avail themselves the finance. But the company will support up to 1 million advertisers only.

Tie-ups with most of the mobile network carriers and other essential services around the world to accept Zool Pay Token as the form of payment.

Acquisition of ad tech provider company with 800k advertisers as compared to Google's 1 million advertisers. This will position Zool into very competitive state with other players.

Reach 1 billion users for Zool Ecosystem

Development of block-chain based hardware for individuals to be connected with each computer for web hosting services to make it safer from hackers.

Zool will fund dedicated satellite (for gaming) research, development in its own premises, and launch via space agencies. The Zool Pay Token will also be accepted for gaming applications.

Token Distribution

2% of the token is distributed on the 1st of every month for the next 50 months to maintain the demand and supply curve and to reduce speculative pricing.



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✅ ICO Zool Pay Tokens details

ICO Details

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» ICO Start: 2021-11-23

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» ICO End: 2022-09-19

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» Symbol: ZOY

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» Platform: BEP20

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» PreICO Start: 2021-09-24

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» PreICO End: 2021-11-23

ICO «Zool Pay Tokens» Offering Type: ICO

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