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The trade in cryptocurrency grows every day, and as a result, the list of global stock exchanges needs regular updates with new trading platforms for the main cryptocurrencies and numerous altcoins.

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online resource that allows you to buy / sell electronic money online.

Today, there are more than 300 decentralized exchanges, but if we compare prices for the same currency pair on different exchanges, it is easy to single out the best among them, which allow users to make the most profitable use of the difference in rates and earn on it.

This so-called cryptocurrency arbitrage is a simple and fast way to make money on cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage - Earnings on the difference between the values of the same currency on different trading platforms. 

When choosing a trading platform, we are primarily driven by commercial interest: having come to one or another exchange with a certain amount of money, we expect to increase our capital and gain experience that will further help us use the exchange as a source of permanent income.

Therefore, you first need to carefully study the lists of the best exchanges and select those for which it is most advantageous to buy currency (where the lowest price is), the best thing to trade (sell at the highest price), and those that have the best conditions for storing digital savings.

After reviewing the current list of exchanges by rating, the user can select sites that have already proven themselves, and thereby minimize their risks. So that you do not have to spend dozens of hours studying all 300 exchanges, but rather decide and start trading, we collected the top exchanges of 2018 according to different criteria in terms of reliability of trading volume commissions, trader reviews and the best platforms for beginners.

The TOP cryptocurrency exchanges rating will help you work better, earn more and be completely confident in the choice made.


Each of the existing exchanges declares a complete guarantee of the safety of user investments, but it is clear that not all of them can equally provide it. It is necessary to understand that even the most reliable, serious sites, with the most elaborate, and well-functioning system of work, cannot guarantee 100% safety of your money. Therefore, the first thing to do before starting a currency transaction is to study the security level of a particular stock exchange. In addition, the best thing is to be acquainted with the reliability rating of popular trading platforms, based on expert assessment and trading experience. An objective and up-to-date rating of existing sites, as well as personal prudence and intuition will allow you to make an error-free choice and not worry about the safety of your funds.

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges, which definitely will not disappoint: 



It seems that Binance is the most authoritative CryptoExchange, which follows the path of continuous development and expansion.

It implements a lot of initiatives that are aimed at improving trade for investors and the company's own business. In Binance, more than 130 traded currencies, and the commission for trading is 0.1%. Binance has almost everything a trader may want, and the exchange can become a home for both beginners and experienced traders. Users of this platform have access to their own coin exchange Binance Coin (BNB). 

Commissions for trading other coins may be levied at BNB if they are in your exchange wallet, and this allows the trader to save a lot. The market capitalization of BNB is about $ 1.7 trillion, and it should be noted that this cryptomonet has a very good reputation. It is possible that the minimum regulation, which currently implemented at Binance, is not a very good factor, which is fraught with security risks for stored coins.



The San Francisco Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange considered the blue chip among the Cryptocurrency Exchanges. 

Here, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as securely store them. At the moment, Coinbase is trading nine cryptocurrencies. The commission for the purchase of a Coinbase wallet is from 1.49% to 3.99%. In addition, Coinbase provides insurance of stored cryptocurrency funds. Coinbase is simple and convenient for novice traders. 

It is easy to buy coins through the wallet or make an exchange through the subsidiary GDAX. Through GDAX, experienced traders can exchange cryptocurrencies on reduced trade commissions. Coinbase wallet is also available for iPhone and Android users, which greatly contributed to the growing popularity of the exchange itself.

3. Gemini


This Cryptocurrency Exchange exists since 2015. It works in the USA, Europe and Asia. Gemini works closely with the New York regulator, which seems to guarantee significant support and safety for users. 

The company has a license from the New York State Department of Financial Services. The company keeps deposits in US dollars in banks, and the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insures them; and cryptocurrencies held in trust on behalf of clients. It is noteworthy that making deposits and withdrawing funds on the Gemini Exchange are free. 

However, the exchange has limited trading opportunities, since it does not support short sales or margin trading, and the choice of cryptocurrencies is short.

4.  BitMEX


If you are a loyal supporter of crypto trading, then BitMex may also be your native platform. Serious Bitcoin traders who provide a daily turnover of $ 2 billion mainly use the services of this exchange. 

BitMEX CryptoExchange stands out due to its borrowed financial instruments with a leverage of up to 100x, thus futures and perpetual contracts. This is ideal for traders, because all losses and profits expressed in Bitcoins, and not in Fiat or other crypto. However, Hong Kong BitMex has some drawbacks. 

The exchange does not work with fiat money and is not available for Canadian and US residents.

5. OKEx


OKEx is a Hong Kong exchange that offers reliable trading in more than 145 cryptocurrencies, as well as its own OKB token. 

OKB owners have the right to vote when dealing with critical issues of company management, as well as discounts in the coin trade. In addition, verified users benefit from Fiat trading and margin trading. 

Now OKEx is also not available in a number of countries due to the peculiarities of regulation in them - including in the USA and Hong Kong itself. In addition, the exchange seeks to expand its business to Malta, thanks to the favorable conditions created in this country for the cryptocurrency business.


Each of the currently existing cryptocurrency exchanges has its strengths and weaknesses. Somewhere you will find advanced security settings, but a small selection of currency pairs. Another exchange has a convenient interface, but does not support fiat money and so on.

Therefore, it is best to select the stock exchange based on your specific goals at the moment. There are many options, and you are not limited by anything. However, it is worth noting that when registering at any crypto-exchange, you automatically trust your savings to third parties (service developers). Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are just beginning to appear. Undoubtedly, the future is theirs, as they will provide users with full control over monetary assets (private keys, use of cryptography). However, while traditional centralized trading floors are in use, therefore, the choice of a cryptocurrency exchange should be approached twice as carefully.


Now the Internet is replete with offers of registration on a particular cryptocurrency exchange. Nevertheless, in this fast-moving and ever-changing flow of information, it is important to orient yourself and choose the platform that will satisfy your current needs to the maximum and will contribute to the constant increase in digital capital.

Therefore, when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, we pay attention to:

Reliability rating and reputation.

The better reviews about the stock exchange on popular crypto forums, such as Bitcointalk or Reddit, the stronger you will sleep at night. To raise funds on the exchange with a mixed reputation is not worth it. We advise you to listen to the reviews, experience of other users, and choose proven sites.

The size of the commission.

All cryptocurrency exchanges, like any other exchangers, take a percentage of the commission for their services. It varies depending on the exchange, an average of 0.2%. Recently, the stock exchange does not establish a constant amount of commissions, and make it dynamic: commission percentage decreases with an increase in trading volume.

Number of trade pairs.

The greater the choice of currency pairs offered on the exchange, the more tools for earning you have. These can be both the most popular highly liquid cryptocurrencies (TOP-10 at your disposal) and less liquid altcoins. However, it you must remember that quantity is not always the key to success. It is much more important to have an optimal set of trading pairs able to ensure an efficient and effective trading process.

Daily turnover.

The higher the indicators of the trading volume of the exchange, the greater prospects for earnings you get. An exchange on which the volume of trading is $ 50 per day is unlikely to provide you with high earnings. The high daily turnover of the exchange indicates its success, popularity and influence in the entire cryptocurrency market.

Payment options.

A wide range of payment methods gives you more options for transactions with digital assets. For example, some exchanges work exclusively with cryptocurrencies and do not support fiat money, while others allow using any monetary assets.

Requirements for user verification.

At different Exchanges, the requirements for new users may differ: some set rigid limits and severely limit trading opportunities, others are more loyal to unverified users, but set a limit for daily trading turnovers. There are also exchanges on which there is no mandatory identity verification, which allows users to maintain complete anonymity.

Convenient user interface.

The more tools for analysis and statistics on the stock exchange and the more comfortable it is to use them, the faster and more efficient the bidding process will be. It is also important to have statistics on the operations carried out and tools for technical and graphical analysis, allowing to correctly assessing the market situation.

The location of the Exchange.

Some sites operating on the territory of one state may be closed to users from other countries. Most often, these are Japanese and South Korean exchanges, which are very attractive for cryptocurrency transactions, but are available only to residents of these countries. Your shirt is closer to the body - it also works in the case of Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other trading platforms. After all, the better you understand all the processes carried out on the Exchange, the more effective your trading will be.

Responsive support service.

The faster and more productive it works, the more operations with cryptocurrencies you can perform, as well as get a professional. 


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