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«Privacy & Security» ICO LIST CATEGORY

4.61 (2 ICO reviews)
Jupiter project defines security threats to be excluded into three categories against these challenges, develops the most innovative security counter
ICO Start: 2018-06-20
ICO End: 2018-07-31
4.43 (2 ICO reviews)
LusoCoin is a fork of the work done by the DASH currency team, formerly known as DarkCoin, a technology that has the best interest in its consumers
ICO Start: 2018-05-26
ICO End: 2018-06-18
3.78 (1 ICO reviews)


BELDEX is the First and Only Exchange which combines the best features of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. BELDEX is a pioneer in the Hybrid
ICO Start: 2018-06-16
ICO End: 2018-08-15
4.67 (9 ICO reviews)
Pryvate is the most secure first of its kind in security, duality of a cold storage and hot wallet all from one device, with a multi-purpose, secure o
ICO Start: 2018-04-09
ICO End: 2018-08-01
4.79 (2 ICO reviews)
Kash is introducing an innovative, multi-currency, wearable hardware wallet, the Vault 1.0 along with an intuitive, user-friendly, compatible software
ICO Start: 2018-05-08
ICO End: 2018-07-08
4.83 (1 ICO reviews)


Cube is the blockchain security platform for autonomous car. The key to Blockchain is that technology ensures trust. Cube uses block-chain technology
ICO Start: 2017-12-01
ICO End: 2018-01-31
5.00 (1 ICO reviews)
Universa Platform is a new generation of blockchain technology. It uses a contract execution machine and distributed state ledger designed to improve
ICO Start: 2017-10-28
ICO End: 2017-12-09
0.00 (0 ICO reviews)
BioPayCoin will be the first cryptocurrency to implement Biometric Fingerprint Scanners as a security feature to protect your coins. BPC was initially
ICO Start: 2017-09-21
ICO End: 2017-11-05