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2.85 (3 ICO reviews)
AgroLyte is a Decentralized Agricultural Finance Company designed not only to provide financial aid but to ensure the provision and utilization of ...
ICO Start: 2018-10-05
ICO End: 2018-11-21
2.78 (2 ICO reviews)


Petro is a cryptocurrency backed by diverse national Venezuelan assets. Petro is the first cryptocurrency ever backed by a State, by diverse national
ICO Start: 2018-10-17
ICO End: 2018-11-05
4.81 (4 ICO reviews)

2Key Network

2key is building the first-of-it’s-kind decentralized Global Referral Network, enabling anyone to seamlessly mobilize the human web to achieve ...
Offering Type: ICO
4.04 (3 ICO reviews)
Racing Pigeon Chain Platform use blockchain technology to bring integrated solutions to the various needs and problems of the pigeon industry.
ICO Start: 2018-09-18
ICO End: 2018-11-19
4.00 (3 ICO reviews)
The Snowden Coin offers an annual return on investment and is a security asset token, issued by german stocklisted p2p developer TCU AG ...
ICO Start: 2018-11-22
ICO End: 2018-12-22
4.67 (1 ICO reviews)


Smart Refinery Technologies Group, the developer of innovative technical solutions and equipment for the production of automobile fuels is creating...
ICO Start: 2018-09-25
ICO End: 2019-04-24
3.81 (3 ICO reviews)


DEFACTO- A Better World Through Fair Voting.DEFACTO Platform will feature advanced blockchain security protocols to truly anonymise the user.
ICO Start: 2018-09-10
ICO End: 2019-01-04
4.94 (1 ICO reviews)
Builderium is the best and easiest way to connect with professional construction clients in your area. Builderium is a platform which connects ...
ICO Start: 2018-07-23
ICO End: 2018-12-17
4.89 (4 ICO reviews)
ASQ Protocol is a decentralized solution for publishing, storing, sharing, engaging with and monetizing content that empowers a new content economy.
ICO Start: 2018-08-27
ICO End: 2018-12-20