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The Winklevoss brothers: "Bitcoin is much more reliable than gold"

Winklevoss-Bitcoin-more-reliable-than-gold Winklevoss brothers - founders of the Gemini DEX

The founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss believe that Bitcoin is much more reliable than gold, because there are huge reserves of this metal on asteroids.

Popular trader Dave Portnoy interviewed the Bitcoin billionaires of the Winklevoss, in which they stated that Elon Musk will someday mine gold from asteroids, so it is better to invest in Bitcoins. The value of Bitcoin and gold is in the limited supply of these assets, but if gold is mined in space, then its price will collapse.

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Winklevoss brothers for the self-regulation in cryptocurrency business


The famous twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who in December 2017 became the world's first confirmed by cryptocurrency billionaires (according to the value of their cryptocurrency assets at that time), intend to create a self-regulating organization of the Virtual Commodity Association for monitoring crypto-exchanges and platforms in the US. The organization will monitor the crypto-currency business, as well as develop industry standards and increase transparency in working with regulators, including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and will prevent fraud.

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