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IFAN and PINCOIN disappeared with 660 million dollars


The Vietnamese company Modern Tech disappeared, cheating about 32,000 people who invested more than 15 trillion Vietnamese dong ($ 660 million) in two fraudulent cryptocurrency projects. Last Sunday, dozens of disgruntled investors gathered near the company's office in Ho Chi Minh City demanding to return the invested money. However, the owner of the building, which housed the office of Modern Tech, said that the company had moved out about a month ago.

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LoopX disappeared with all Bitcoins and Ethereums for $ 4.5 million collected with ICO


The LoopX cryptocurrency start-up, which, with the help of ICO, attracted investments of several million dollars, disappeared along with all the collected funds in cryptocurrencies. Promising "the most modern algorithm of trading on the cryptocurrency market," the start-up suddenly disappeared, closing the site on the Internet and removing all traces of existence in social networks.

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