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CEO of Circle: “Cryptocurrency industry will completely change the civil society”

CEO-of-Circle-Cryptocurrency-will-change-society Jeremy Allaire | Circle CEO

As Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said, the cryptocurrency industry is almost ready to change the underlying truths of civil society.

Allaire stressed that the main problem lies in the trust between people and technology, including the blockchain technology. At the same time, a simple principle operates in the cryptocurrency community: "we believe in cryptocurrencies".

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Research: the number of ICOs presented in Q1 of 2019, significantly fewer then in Q4 of 2018

ICObench-number-of-ICO--in-Q1-of-2019 ICO bench Research: the number of ICOs presented in Q1 of 2019, fewer then in Q4 of 2018

In the first three months of this year, less than 350 ICOs held, which is almost two times less than in the previous quarter. However, in terms of the amount of funds raised, the gap is not so large - if in the 4th quarter of 2018 the ICO collected about $ 1.5 billion, in the first quarter of this year the amount of funding amounted to about $ 1 billion.

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Telegram began closed testing of the TON network

Telegram-began-closed-testing-of-the-TON-network Telegram began closed testing of the TON network

Today Telegram has provided access to a test version of the TON network to a limited number of professional teams.

It seems that the cryptocurrency community will see the finished version of the TON network in the near future. At least the "Vedomosti" Russian news agency reported this, citing information from two sources.

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Winnie Lingham: if Bitcoin will break $6.200, it will mark the start of another major bull run

Winnie-Lingham-the-start-of-Bitcoin-major-bull-run Winnie Lingham | Head of Civic

Winnie Lingham, general partner of Multicoin Capital and the head of Civic, believes that if the Bitcoin rate rises above $ 6.200, this will signal the beginning of a new cycle in the bull market.

"That said, if we can break $6.200 for BTC, it will likely mark the start of another major bull run and could run hot and high, but if it's pure speculation and other assets benefit disproportionately to value created, it's likely not going to end well again," Lingham said.

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Zhao Dong: “Bitcoin will be below $ 6,000 for most of 2019”

2-Zhao-Dong-Bitcoin-will-be-below--6000 Zhao Dong | Chinese cryptocurrency billionair

Chinese cryptocurrency billionaire Zhao Dong expressed the opinion that the "bearish" market is not over yet and the rate of Bitcoin will not exceed the mark of $ 6,000 for most of 2019.

Zhao Dong believes that the price of Bitcoin will be within the channel $ 4,000- $ 6,000 at least until October of this year. As for the recent rise in the price of the first cryptocurrency, the rate is still in this channel.

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Ran NeuNer: “I’ve never seen a bubble pop twice!”

1-Ran-NeuNer-never-seen-a-bubble-pop-twice Ran NeuNer | Host of the Crypto Trader program on CNBC

Throughout the existence of Bitcoin, it was repeatedly called a bubble. This was also the case in the period of super-fast growth in 2017, when many economists claimed that the bubble would pop soon.

However, according to Ran NeuNer, the host of the Crypto Trader program on CNBC, not one bubble can pop twice.

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Riccardo Spagni: “Bitcoin will become the world's reserve currency”

Riccardo-Spagni-Bitcoin-worlds-reserve-currency Riccardo Spagni | Lead Monero developer

Lead Monero developer Riccardo Spagni said that Bitcoin will always have competitors, but it can become the global reserve currency.

Spagni stressed that Bitcoin will never remain the only cryptocurrency, as this contradicts the very nature of human society, where struggle and competition are inevitable.

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Brian Armstrong: "To adopt cryptocurrencies, we must reduce their volatility"

Brian-Armstrong-adopt-cryptocurrencies-reduce-volatility Brian Armstrong | Head of Coinbase

The head of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, Brian Armstrong, believes that in order to take digital assets, it is necessary to reduce volatility, as well as to improve the scalability and use of coins.

According to Brian Armstrong, the strong volatility of the cryptocurrency market scares off large investors, who are used to investing in traditional financial institutions, so the industry needs more stable prices.

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Andreas Antonopoulos: “it is necessary to develop the practical use of Bitcoin”

Andreas-Antonopoulos-the-practical-use-of-Bitcoin Andreas Antonopoulos | Entrepreneur

Well-known entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos said that in order to use Bitcoin in the financial sector, it is necessary to develop scenarios for its practical application.

Antonopoulos believes that one day the time will come when the first cryptocurrency will take the place of the current banking system based on fiat payments. However, for this, average consumers must understand the advantages of Bitcoin and thoroughly explore the options for using it.

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Tom Lee: "the price of Bitcoin should be at around $ 14,000"

Tom-Lee-price-of-Bitcoin-should-be-at-around--14000 Tom Lee | Co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors

Tom Lee, co-founder of the US research company Fundstrat Global Advisors, expressed the opinion that the price of Bitcoin should be at around $ 14,000.

Lee also said that the old Bitcoin whales returned to the market and began a mass buying up of the first cryptocurrency due to the changing mood in the industry.

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Google Trends: The number of search queries with the word "Bitcoin" has tripled

Google-Trends-search-queries-with-the-word-Bitcoin Google Trends: The number of search queries with the word "Bitcoin" has tripled

According to Google Trends, the number of search queries with the word "Bitcoin" increased three times after a sharp jump in the price of the first cryptocurrency recorded at the beginning of the week.

According to Google Trends, the largest number of requests made from Nigeria, the Netherlands, South Africa, Austria and Switzerland. In the United States, information about Bitcoin most often sought in California, Washington, Nevada, New York, and Colorado.

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The Bitcoin exchange jump above $ 5,000 caused by purchases of one trader

1-Oliver-von-Landsberg-Sadi,000 caused by purchases of one tradere-bitcoin-exchange-jump Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie | Head of BCB Group

The general director of the cryptocurrency company BCB Group said that the latest increase in the Bitcoin rate was due to the purchases of one investor who distributed $ 100 million on three major exchanges.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, in a conversation with Reuters, said that the reason for the Bitcoin breakthrough above $ 5,000 was a certain investor who made deals totaling about 20,000 BTC simultaneously on the three largest exchanges - Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp.

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DataLight research: “Bitcoin will become the main payment system in 10 years”

DataLigh-Bitcoin-will-become-the-main-payment-system DataLight research: “Bitcoin will become the main payment system in 10 years”

Bitcoin will be ahead of other payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard, within ten years, if the growth of the network continues at the same pace.

DataLight made such a forecast in a research comparing Bitcoin with traditional payment systems, which also included PayPal, noting the rapid development of cryptocurrency since its inception in 2009.

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Elizabeth White: "cryptocurrency will not surpass the traditional financial system"

Elizabeth-White-cryptocurrency-will-not-surpass-financial-system Elizabeth White | Founder of White Company

As stated by the head of the White Company, Elizabeth White, it is "extremely unlikely" that cryptocurrencies will be able to surpass the traditional financial system, at least at the current stage of development.

Elizabeth White emphasized that at the moment "the volume of transactions in fiat currencies is an order of magnitude greater than the volume of cryptocurrency payments," so it's too early to talk about replacing traditional money with digital assets.

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Brian Kelly: “Bitcoin's next target is $ 6,000”

Brian-Kelly-Bitcoins-next-target-is--6000 Brian Kelly | Head of BKCM LLC

The founder and head of investment company BKCM LLC Brian Kelly said that the next goal of Bitcoin was the mark of $ 6,000.

In an interview with CNBC's "Futures Now" program, Kelly said that after yesterday's sudden jump in the first cryptocurrency rate by 17% and reaching the $ 5,000 mark, the bottom of the cryptocurrency market seems to have passed.

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Research: investments in ICO decreased 58 times over last year

investments-in-ICO-decreased-58-times Research: investments in ICO decreased 58 times over last year

According to a new "TokenData" research, ICO investment volumes in the first quarter of 2019 decreased 58 times compared to the same indicator of the first quarter of 2018.

The researchers note that in the first quarter of this year, in the course of primary placements of tokens (ICO), a total of $ 118 million collected. In the first quarter of last year, ICO projects received investments of $ 6.9 billion.

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Social Network “Vkontakte” has plans to release its own cryptocurrency

Vkontakte-plans-to-release-cryptocurrency Social Network “Vkontakte” has plans to release its own cryptocurrency

The social network VKontakte has plans to release its own cryptocurrency, but a specific decision to launch has not yet been made.

At the moment the project is supposed to create individual cryptocurrency accounts for all users of the social network. According to RNS, the news agency received a project presentation. It says that users will be able to receive cryptocurrency for time spent on the network and activity.

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Bitrefill added the ability to pay for housing on Airbnb in cryptocurrency

Bitrefill-pay-for-housing-on-Airbnb-in-cryptocurrency Bitrefill added the ability to pay for housing on Airbnb in cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency startup Bitrefill has added a service that allows users to pay their rent through the Airbnb service with five cryptocurrencies.

The Swedish company announced the innovations on its Twitter account, saying that customers can now pay for Airbnb gift cards at BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE and DASH. However, currently Airbnb gift cards can only be redeemed by US residents.

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