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CBOE and CME Group can issue futures for Ethereum and Litecoin


Two exchanges from Chicago, CBOE and CME, which are the first in the world of regulated areas to start working with Bitcoin derivatives, are also considering the possibility of launching futures for Ethereum and Litecoin. This information, while not officially confirmed, appeared last night in the US media. The launch of the Bitcoin futures theoretically should consolidate the value of the cryptocurrencies as a new asset class. Successful trading in futures and options for Bitcoin virtually makes the emergence of similar contracts for other major cryptocurrencies, and primarily on the air and Litecoin.

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Bitcoin futures market: what can happen after the start of trading


All Bitcoin traders should note two important dates in their calendars: December 10 and December 18. It is these days that the CBOE and CME group will begin trading in Bitcoins futures and options. Later, other traditional exchanges can join them. At the same time, not all traders understand that these events mean for the community and how the situation in the last two weeks of 2017 can change. The market of trade Bitcoin can be compared with the river. Its flow depends on constant quantities, and therefore it usually flows in one direction. On the other hand, the Bitcoin futures market is similar to the ocean with thermohaline circulation: its flow depends on several variables. Sharks of the futures market are not friendly at all - they will do everything to earn money, even if they have to go through the heads of other market participants.

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