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Bitcoin's Forks Epidemic: Gift or Fraud?


The creation of Bitcoin's forks with copying of all existing balances containing "gift" coins for all Bitcoin owners is undoubtedly a trend of recent months. In fact, why invest time and money in development or marketing, if it is so simple to attract a great many people who will not refuse to get something for nothing? First, a successful Bitcoin Cash, then a dubious Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Silver, which in a few days slid down almost to zero. Now another copy of Bitcoin - Super Bitcoin (SBTC), follows them. The SBTC network plans to appear on block 498888 (around mid-December), and the owners of the original Bitcoin will receive the same SBTC as BTC's "absolutely free" - you just need to get a wallet. According to the official website, SBTC scales the block size to 8 megabytes, and will use smart contracts and Lightning network.

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