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Roger Ver put $ 4 million to succeed SegWit2x


Crypto-currency investor Roger Ver (Roger Ver) has put $ 4 million on the fact that coins in the SegWit2x blockchain after November's hard-core will cost more than in Bitcoin's original blockchain.
Now it's hard to remember the times when the bitcoin community was not involved in the debate about how to properly scale Bitcoin. These discussions took a variety of forms, but at the moment, their focus was the disagreement between the supporters of SegWit2x and Bitcoin Core. The verbal skirmish and the fight of hasheds began shortly after the New York agreement was signed, and they become more acute as November approaches, which is planned for SegWit2x

Creator Lightcoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) remains one of the loudest opponents of SegWit2x. On Friday, he decided to put his money on the failure of the hard-core, which led to a chain of events that affected Roger Vera, who decided to put $ 4 million on the success of SegWit2x.
The whole story began with Li openly challenging the supporters of SegWit2x: Jeff Garzik, the developer of SegWit2x, Erik Voorhees, the president of ShapeShift, and Barry Silbert, president of the Digital Currency Group, inviting them to exchange it 250 BTC from the original network on the 250 BTC network SegWit2x, which will appear after the hard-core.
At the time of publication, none of the aforementioned supporters of hardfork responded to Lee's proposal. However, Roger Ver, who also signed the New York agreement, replied that he would "happily accept" the challenge. "It's swept up!" Said Lee.
But Roger Ver did not stop there. His recording on Twitter caused a flurry of similar sentences, three of which he accepted. As he announced at Reddit, he will exchange 1,000 of his BTCs from the "old" chain (worth more than $ 4 million) to Charlie Lee, Ben Davenport, Bitgo's technical director, Alex Morcos, co-founder of Chaincode Labs and crypto-economist Tour of Demeter (Tuur Demeester), each of which will put its 250 coins from the chain SegWit2x. Only time will tell which of the listed community members will regret their decision.
Roger Vere no longer makes a loud statement for the first time and expresses the desire to put his money to the success of the new network. More recently, at the Shape the Future conference during a roundtable discussion on Bitcoin Cash versus Bitcoin Core, Ver tried to put a million dollars into the fact that Bitcoin Cash will exist for the next two years. Participants in the discussion refused to participate in the bet. Previously, he accepted a call from the user under the name Loaded. The bet was which of the blockchains would dominate the Bitcoin Unlimited case. However, the victory of Segwit2x (in its first part) made this bet meaningless.

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