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VITALIK-BUTERI-STABLECOINS Vitalik Buterin | Ethereum co-founder

According to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, stablecoins do not use one of the important features that allows transferring assets between blockchains. In a long discussion on Twitter, Buterin said that using this feature would increase compatibility and data exchange between different networks.

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E-Commerce platform Shopify from Canada has started working with CoinPayments. Now it will surely allow businesses accept payments using the platform (in cryptocurrencies). According to Shopify, which serves more than a million businesses in 175 countries, the partnership with CoinPayments will allow merchants of the platform to receive payment in cryptocurrencies. Last year, Shopify tested the CoinPayments solution before deploying it on the platform. Under the terms of the partnership, companies will be able to receive payments in any of the 1800 cryptocurrencies supported by CoinPayments. 

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Pavel Durov: Unfortunately, a US court stopped TON from happening

Pavel Durov: Unfortunately, a US court stopped TON from happening Pavel Durov: Unfortunately, a US court stopped TON from happening

Pavel Durov informed subscribers of his Telegram channel about the completion of work on the TON project. The team's engineers have been developing the revolutionary platform for two and a half years. The developers created a decentralized system in the spirit of Bitcoin and Ethereum with greater speed and scalability.

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Ripple is a part of ISO 20022 standardization body

ICO-NEWS-ISO-20022 Ripple is a part of ISO 20022 standardization body

Ripple has joined the ISO 20022 standardization body. Ripple is about to develop standards for data exchange and payments between global financial institutions. ISO 20022 mainly includes major international commercial banks, Central banks, and major payment companies such as SWIFT and Visa. The Ripple company became the first representative of the blockchain industry in ISO 20022.

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The Swiss Association stated the General crypto-storage standarts

The Swiss Association The Swiss Association stated the General crypto-storage standarts

Swiss Association of markets and technologies (CMTA) established standards for companies that provide services for storing and disposing of the client's property based on his written order for digital assets.

CMTA's General Secretary Fedor Poskriakov, said that the document was the first step of the Swiss financial industry towards defining common standards for storing and managing digital assets.

"This will greatly contribute to the emergence of fully digital capital market infrastructures, including integrated custody and secondary trading venues. The benefits of the digitalization of the financial industry are such that the evolution towards decentralized infrastructures​ seems i​nevitable."our quote here...

Fedor Poskriakov
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Paolo Arduino: "bridges between blockchains will make USDT transactions cheaper"

Paolo Arduino Paolo Arduino | Technical Director of the Bitfinex

Paolo Arduino, technical Director of the Bitfinex exchange, believes that bridges between different blockchains will make transactions with usdt stablecoins cheaper. Arduino facilitated the pTokens development team that launched the bridge between the EOS and Omni blockchains. In the future, such bridges for interaction between different blockchains will reduce the load on the network and help reduce transaction fees.

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LG is testing a digital payment platform based on AI and blockchain

LG is testing a digital payment platform based on AI and blockchain LG is testing a digital payment platform based on AI and blockchain

LG's IT division is testing face recognition technology based on artificial intelligence and blockchain for making payments in crypto assets. LG CNS has launched testing of a new facial recognition service for its employees. The platform includes AI, blockchain, and cloud technologies. After identifying an employee, the system allows you to automatically pay for services and products in a corporate restaurant with a digital currency based on the blockchain.

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Cardano, Tezos, Cosmos and Fantom are the most technological cryptocurrencies named by Weiss Ratings

the-most-technological-cryptocurrencies-named-by-Weiss-Ratings_20200424-152000_1 Most technological cryptocurrencies

Weiss Crypto Ratings Agency in the new rating of cryptocurrency projects has put the highest rating on the technology of four blockchains: Cardano, Tezos, Cosmos and Fantom. Interestingly, of the four named coins, three have risen in price by more than 10% over the past day. And only the Fantom coin added only 5%. The growth of alternative cryptocurrencies was also helped by the growth of bitcoin, which added more than 6% yesterday.

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Vitalik Buterin proposed creating a “real” DEX for exchanging ETH for BTC

Vitalik-Buterin-proposed-creating-a-real-DEX Vitalik Buterin | Ethereum co-founder

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called for the development of a "right" decentralized exchange for exchanging Ethereum for Bitcoin and gateways for other cryptocurrencies.

In his opinion, the fact that the two largest cryptocurrency ecosystems do not have a direct way to exchange their coins is quite "discouraging".

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Mike Novogratz: 2020 will be the year of Bitcoin

Mike-Novogratz-2020--the-year-of-Bitcoin Mike Novogratz | CEO of Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz believes that the emergence of Bitcoin is caused by the financial crisis, and due to new financial turmoil, 2020 will be the year of Bitcoin.

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting collapse of financial markets suggest that this year the world will experience an even more serious financial crisis than in 2008. Since the emergence of Bitcoin was associated with the collapse of the global economy in 2008, Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz believes this year could be a watershed year for Bitcoin.

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Tim Draper: It's time to invest in Indian cryptocurrency startups

Tim-Draper--time-to-invest-in-Indian-startups Tim Draper | Venture investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast

Tim Draper, a venture investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast, believes that startups working with digital currencies in India are waiting for a "renaissance" and now is a great time to invest in them.

"A renaissance for India. Now crypto is legal," he wrote on the social network Twitter.

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Changpeng Zhao's subscribers ridiculed his Bitcoin exchange rate predictions

Changpeng-Zhaos-subscribers-ridiculed-his-predictions Changpeng Zhao | Binance CEO

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented on the messages of his subscribers who make fun of him because of inaccurate forecasts of the Bitcoin exchange rate.

Even well-known representatives of the cryptocurrency industry may be unimportant analysts, and their forecasts should not be trusted. This can be said about the founder of Binance. The fact is that after his bullish forecast, the price of the first cryptocurrency most often decreased.

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Dan Tapiero: Negative interest rates in the US make Bitcoin mega-attractive

Dan-Tapiero-Negative-interest-rates Dan Tapiero | The founder of Gold Bullion International

Founder of Gold Bullion International Dan Tapiero believes that the negative rates on US bonds could be a "Mega bullish" signal for Bitcoin.

"Negative interest rates have arrived in the US! 6mo t-bill at -2bps. Means you need to PAY US govt for 6mo cash deposit. Rates to go much more negative to weaken dollar. This is confiscation and it is bad but it needed for now to stabilize system. Mega bullish for #Bitcoin," Tapiero wrote on Twitter.

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Su Zhu: Bitcoin can reach $ 50,000 relatively quickly

Su-Zhu-Bitcoin-can-reach--50k Su Zhu | CEO of Three Arrows Capital

Analysts predict the Bitcoin exchange rate in the range of $ 4,800 - $ 6,000, but the CEO of Three Arrows Capital Su Zhu allows rapid growth to $ 50,000.

In a message on Twitter, Su Zhu stressed that in the current global economic situation, the influx of money into Bitcoin could increase significantly, which means that the rate of the first cryptocurrency will increase significantly.

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Barry Silbert took advantage of the fall of the market to buy Bitcoins

Barry-Silbert-buy-bitcoins Barry Silbert | The founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group

The founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments, Barry Silbert, took advantage of yesterday's 30% depreciation of Bitcoin to replenish his reserves of the first cryptocurrency.

"I'm buying. This is why Bitcoin was invented," wrote Barry Silbert on the social network Twitter.

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Michael Novogratz: the situation on Wall Street influenced Bitcoin

Novogratz-Wall-Street-influenced-Bitcoin Michael Novogratz | Well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast

Well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast Michael Novogratz was surprised to find that over the past week, stock market and Bitcoin rates have fallen simultaneously.

Usually, analysts say that the rate of the first cryptocurrency does not correlate with any other asset, but last week showed the opposite. It became one of the worst for Wall Street, and indeed the global economy as a whole - the stock indices of developed countries fell together amicably, and Bitcoin along with them.

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Charles Edwards: it is likely that $BTC will 10X within the next 5 years

Charles-Edwards-BTC-will-10x--next-5-years Charles Edwards | Asset Manager

Asset Manager Charles Edwards, using a rare indicator called Bitcoin Energy Value, predicted a rise in the price of Bitcoin to $ 100,000 over five years.

The indicator monitors the price of Bitcoin using two metrics to determine the "value" - the hash of the network and the effectiveness of mining equipment.

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US Treasury Secretary: about to roll out some significant new requirements at FinCEN

Steven-Mnuchin-significant-new-requirements Steven Mnuchin | US Treasury Secretary

US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, speaking to Congress, said that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is preparing to introduce new cryptocurrency regulations.

Mnuchin did not announce any details, he limited himself to the phrase: "We're about to roll out some significant new requirements at FinCEN". He added that the US authorities intend to seek a balanced approach in this area.

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