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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will issue diplomas based on the blockchain


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to revise the system of issuing diplomas to its graduates. The other day, he unveiled a pilot program to test the capabilities of the blockchain for issuing diplomas. According to a publication on the MIT News website, the pilot program that began this summer provided 111 MIT graduates with an opportunity to receive a diploma of education through an application based on a blockchain for a smartphone in addition to the traditional printed version.

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The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom introduced a mechanism for trading gold on the blockchain


The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom tested the mechanism on the blockchain, monitoring the transactions with gold bars. To date, the Royal Mint Gold (RMG) system is still in test mode, but has already processed more than 50,000 units. The first block was mined on 2 August. It is designed to record sales and ownership of precious metals. The creators state that the system is built in such a way that it reduces all risk to zero.

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The Central Bank of Uruguay will issue a digital currency


While public figures and bankers of large states reflect on the advantages or disadvantages of the digital currency, still not deciding to use them massively in the economy, in some less developed countries regulators are already working in this direction. Central Bank of Uruguay announced on November 3 in a press release on its website about the imminent launch of a pilot project for the release and implementation of digital currency in the country. The digital peso will be provided by the state, controlled by the Uruguayan Central Bank and by its nature will not be a crypto currency, explained in the report.

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BP, Shell and Statoil will sell resources on the Blockchain Trading Platform


Oil and gas companies BP, Shell and Statoil created a blockchain-based trading platform for the application of technology in the energy sector. ING, ABN Amro, Societe Generale, Gunvor, Koch Supply & Trading and Mercuria also take part in the project. The blockchain-platform will be fully operational until the end of 2018. According to ING representative Carolien van der Giessen, the energy industry has become more complex, as it has been replenished with new participants. "At the beginning of 2017, we (ING, Mercuria and Societe Generale) used a blockbuster platform to transport African oil to China. The results of the experiment showed that the platform can significantly improve the efficiency of some processes. "

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Poll: 18% of young Americans want to invest in Ethereum


American youth invests more often in crypto currency than people of the older generation, said LendEDU student loan officers. According to a survey conducted by LendEDU and OnePoll, a market research company specializing in marketing, Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 are familiar with the concepts of "crypto currency", "ICO" and "market capitalization" much closer than people in older age groups, and therefore much more often invest in them. As a result of a survey of 1000 respondents from the United States, about 32% said they had heard about the airwaves, and 18% added that they plan to purchase it as an investment. 22% said they had heard of Ripple, and almost 15% confirmed their intention to invest in XRP.

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Karl Eckstein, Honorary Consul of Russia, proposed to create a blockchain in Crimea


The creation of a blockchain in Crimea would allow foreign investors to invest in projects in Crimea, says the Honorary Consul of Russia in Switzerland Karl Alexander Eckstein. Experts suggested dividing crypto-currencies according to the type of regulation. In Yalta, November 6-7, the Forum of Friends of the Crimea is held for the first time in the framework of the international conference "Russia, Crimea and Modern International Relations". At a forum in which about 90 foreign guests from almost 30 countries take part, they will establish the Association of Friends of the Crimea and will adopt an appeal-declaration on the need to restore normal relations between the Republic of Crimea and the countries of the world.

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Private pre-kindergarten school in New York offered to pay for their services with Bitcoins


While skeptics continue to assert that bitcoin is used exclusively for speculation, one of private schools in New York City offered to pay for their services with Bitcoins. In an interview, the school manager in Montessori, in Wilthiron and Soho, Marco Ciocca, said that parents themselves asked whether there is a possibility to pay for the education by the bitcoins. After several such calls, Marco began to actively monitor the bitcoins and very soon already knew about all his advantages as a means of payment: fast transactions, low commissions, easy payment. Having conferred with colleagues, it was decided to include bitcoin in the number of means of payment for paying for tuition in a kindergarten.

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Andreas Antonopoulos: why banks call Bitcoiners


Video with the speech of Andreas Antonopoulos under the name "Money as a System of Control", undoubtedly, should be watched by every follower of bitcoin. In it, Antonopoulos explains how money is used to control their senders and recipients, as well as tracking financial transactions around the world. In addition, he tells how false the banking system really is. Banks can not only freeze or confiscate money without our consent, in fact, they are the owners of our finances, we are simply granted access to them - and this, to put it mildly, is a dishonest deal. As explained by Antonopoulos, we do not have money in the bank, we have only an account that gives us access to the money that we placed in the bank, believing fake security guarantees. This situation is demonstrated by a brilliant example of the debt crisis in Greece - the entire population of the country kept savings in banks and they were insured, but one day the promise was violated and money was rendered inaccessible.

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Leading strategist of Deutsche Bank predicts the end of the era of fiat money


The recent strong growth in the market capitalization of crypto currency continues to attract the attention of an increasing number of economists and top managers from the financial sector.  Jim Reid, director of research at the Deutsche Bank AG, expressed his opinion about the future of financial markets and noted in his shocking report that "the beginning of the end of fiat money is already laid." This report greatly worried the financial community, because it was written by a person "from within" the system itself, a person who must know for sure about what he writes. Even more worrying was the fact that the author condemned the actions of central banks, which in his opinion only contributed to the development of the impending financial crisis.

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Bitcoin as a Nuclear Bomb in the Currency War between China and the US


Chinese financial analyst Xiao Lei published an article in which he claims that the crypto-currency has become a battlefield in the "new currency war" between China and the United States. Despite the fact that some people consider his views conspirational, this article still attracted considerable attention after the publication on one of the media channels Baidu Baijia, owned by the largest Chinese Internet company Baidu. In the article, Xiao Lei states: "As an investor, I'm worried if I can make money from investing in Bitcoin. However, if you look at the scale of the country, I am worried if I can use it, and if there are any factors that will be unfavorable for me in the future. "
Lei believes that in the modern world "the strategic importance of traditional commodity assets, such as oil and grain ... may not be so high when the confrontation between countries has entered the virtual space."

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CryptoRing - ICO contest via Telegram


The primary placement of tokens (ICO) beats all ratings in terms of attracted capital. Investors want to significantly increase their capital, and project teams to translate their ideas. ICO is an excellent tool that helps to find mutually beneficial terms of cooperation between investors and project teams. ICO is quite a new technological product and not all investors are able to competently evaluate a particular project. With all its pluses, ICO also attracts scammers who want to "profit at someone else's expense." To help investors to learn how to correctly evaluate the project and the team is one of the goals pursued by the new interactive project CryptoRing, which takes place in the telegram chat.

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Argentitinian stock exchange of derivatives Rofex prepares to work with Bitcoin


The largest in Latin America, the Argentine Mercury de Termino de Rosario (Rofex) derivatives exchange is considering the possibility of launching bitcoin futures. Rofex has previously developed a plan to provide services for storing a digital asset and using bitcoin as collateral in futures trading for its customers. According to the head of the company Diego Fernandez, the proposal is still at the "laboratory stage", and the official announcement of Rofex will do "before the end of this year."

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Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO): I'm Open to Cryptocurrency


Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of the board of one of the largest investment banks in the world - Goldman Sachs - said that although he is not very comfortable with bitcoin, in general he is open to cryptocurrency. At the Goldman Sachs Sustainable Finance Innovation Forum held in New York, the bank's head said that he felt "some discomfort" with respect to bitcoin, as well as with regard to everything new. So he answered the question about the attitude to bitcoin futures offered by the CME Group, a new exchange operator.

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Satoshi Labs releases a new Bitcoin hardware Wallet - Trezor Model T


This week, the Czech company Satoshi Labs released a preliminary batch of Trezor 2 hardware purse called Model T. Although the Model T is a completely new device, it guarantees the same secure storage of electronic access keys as in the previous version. Satoshi Labs has opened pre-order for the first batch of hardware wallets Trezor Model T with updated functionality. One of the most noteworthy updates is the large RGB touchscreen display that uses the ARM Cortex-M4 processor. Like the first Trezor model, to perform actions related to confidential information, a new device requires the use of commands from the display.

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The new generation of bank customers in Canada is focused on Bitcoin


The value of shares of the Canadian online bank Mogo rose to the highest level in the last eight months after the company decided to allow its customers to store in digital wallets bitcoins and other crypto-currencies. "In fact, we are creating the experience of a digital bank for the next generation of customers," said online financial director Greg Feller, "we are going to integrate a crypto-currency account into the Mogo account." The Canadian financial Internet company Mogo Finance Technology provides its customers with "access to credit, prepaid Visa cards and loans through mobile applications or a computer. The next step will be the integration into the digital wallet platform for crypto currency. "

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First ICO on Byteball platform: Titan Coin


On November 4, 2017 starts pre-ICO of cryptotoken Titan Coin, which is provided with the goods of industrial production. For the first time in history, the ICO will be conducted on the Byteball platform, accordingly, the possibility of investing in the project is available only to holders of coins and tokens. Start pre-ICO Titan Coin will be held simultaneously with the day of the free distribution of Airdrop Byteball Bytes.

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As a result of a malfunction on the Kuna exchange, erroneous balances were posted in the BTC


The Ukrainian Cryptocurrency exchange Kuna on its official Facebook page reported an erroneous charging of bitcoins to the accounts of some users because of the failure of the bitcoin purse. Some users managed to use the formed "hole" and withdrew the funds. All operations on the exchange were stopped until the moment when the programmers fix the bug. According to preliminary data, this can last until the end of the day. At the same time, the administration of the exchange said that the rest of the users' funds were not harmed and are in complete safety.

Raiden platform's tokensale raised $ 32 million


The tokensale of the platform of the payment channels of the Etherium Raiden, launched on October 18 and organized on the principle of the Dutch auction, ended November 1 at a rather moderate amount of 109 532 ETH (about $ 32.75 million). Of course, such an amount seems to be moderate only by the standards of 2017 - especially if we recall that in August 2014 only 31,500 BTC was collected at the Ethereum ICO itself, or about $ 18.4 million at the exchange rate for that period.

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