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Head of BitMEX: “the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 10,000 this year”

Head-of-BitMEX-price-of-Bitcoin-will-reach--10000 Arthur Hayes | Head of BitMEX

The head of the major cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX Arthur Hayes believes that the "cryptocurrency winter" is over and the course of Bitcoin this year will reach $ 10,000.

Hayes expressed the opinion that the recovery of the cryptocurrency market will start at the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year. However, he believes that the market will be quite difficult to go beyond the already formed side channel.

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Craig Wright has filed 155 patent applications in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Craig-Wright-patens-blockchain-and-cryptocurrency Craig Wright has filed 155 patent applications in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency

The famous "patent troll" Craig Wright has already filed 155 applications for patents in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Australian engineer and entrepreneur Craig Wright, who repeatedly presented himself as Bitcoin's anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, filed 155 patent applications in two years, according to The Next Web (TNW).

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Bitcoin trading volumes reached the level of January 2018

Bitcoin-trading-volumes-level-of-January-2018 Bitcoin trading volumes reached the level of January 2018

It seems that spring has begun in the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin trading volumes increased, reaching the level of January last year and the rate of the first cryptocurrency is at around $ 4,000.

In the past five months, Bitcoin trading showed a steady and steady growth, having increased from October 2018 by 150%. According to Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency commentator on Twitter, over the past year, daily Bitcoin trading volume has exceeded $ 10 billion a total of 9 times, and 5 of them this month. Most of the remaining cases recorded in February. That is, in recent months we have seen a significant increase in trading volumes.

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Tom Lee: 2019 will be the year of Bitcoin recovery

Tom-Lee-2019--the-year-of-Bitcoin-recovery Tom Lee | Co-founder at Fundstrat Global Advisors

Tom Lee, co-founder and chief financial analyst at Fundstrat Global Advisors, said in an interview with CNBC that the Bitcoin trend would change to bullish in August of this year.

Despite the fact that in December last year, Lee promised no longer to make predictions about the prospects for the cryptocurrency market. The market still could not resist and said that after 5-6 months, there should be a reversal of market trends.

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Niall Ferguson: “I was very wrong” when I criticized Bitcoin

Niall-Fergusony-wrong-when-I-criticized-Bitcoin Niall Ferguson | Author of the book "The Rise of Money"

The cryptocurrency skeptic and author of the book "The Rise of Money" Niall Ferguson admitted that he was wrong when he criticized Bitcoin and blockchain technology, calling them "a complete illusion."

"I was very wrong," Ferguson said. "Wrong to think there was no … use for a form of currency based on blockchain technology."

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Research: Dependence on crypto-trading and gambling have common signs

crypto-trading-and-gambling Research: Dependence on crypto-trading and gambling have common signs

Researchers at Rutgers University have discovered a link between the excessive passion for cryptocurrency trading and gambling addiction.

According to researchers, "avid gamblers" can perceive cryptocurrency trading as an additional activity associated with high risk. The study involved 876 adults who made bets in gambling at least once a month during the last year. The researchers called them "avid players." It was found that over 50% of these players also traded a cryptocurrency during the same 12-month period.

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Jay Clayton: “ETHEREUM and cryptocurrencies similar to it could lose the status of securities”

ETHEREUM-could-lose-the-status-of-securities Jay Clayton | SEC Chairman

The chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton, said that ETHEREUM and similar cryptocurrencies could eventually lose the status of securities.

In June 2018, the head of the SEC corporate finance division, William Hinman, stated that the decentralized structure of the Ethereum network does not allow for proper application of securities laws to this cryptocurrency. At that time, some saw in Hinman's statement an important step towards eliminating uncertainty in the regulation of digital assets, while others thought that was not enough.

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CFTC Chairman: “the blockchain is able to prevent the global financial crisis”

CFTC-Chairman-the-blockchain-is-able-to-prevent-the-global-financial-crisis Christopher Giancarlo | CFTC Chairman

Blockchain could change the financial world during the global financial crisis in 2008.

This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Christopher Giancarlo, speaking at the fourth annual DC Blockchain Summit in Washington. According to him, the use of the blockchain would change the response of the regulators at that time.

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Starbucks will introduce Bitcoin payment for coffee by the end of the year

Starbucks-will-introduce-Bitcoin-payment-for-coffee Starbucks will introduce Bitcoin payment for coffee by the end of the year

Cryptoanarchists dream of buying a cup of coffee for Bitcoin is getting closer to realization. Perhaps, by the end of the year, Bitcoins will be able to pay off in the world's largest network of coffee shops Starbucks.

This will be possible thanks to the cooperation with the Bakkt platform, which has not yet been launched, in the creation of which Starbucks takes an active part.

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Vitalik Buterin: “Ethereum will solve the problem of limited Bitcoin functionality”

Ethereum-will-solve-the-problem-of-limited-Bitcoin-functionality Vitalik Buterin | Co-founder of Ethereum

Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said that when creating his project, he planned to solve the problem of the limited functionality of the first cryptocurrency.

In his interview, Buterin compared Bitcoin with a push-button calculator, which does only one thing, but does it well. However, Ethereum, in his opinion, is more like a smartphone that can run many different applications, including a calculator.

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Media: Facebook is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency

Facebook-is-preparing-to-launch-its-own-cryptocurrency Media: Facebook is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency

The New York Times, citing anonymous sources on Facebook, reports that the largest social network has already prepared the launch of its own cryptocurrency and is already in talks with the exchanges on listing.

It is reported that we are talking about stablecoin under the brand of messenger WhatsApp. The new coin will be pegged to the US dollar and used for domestic and international transfers between friends and family members via instant messenger. In the future, Facebook users and Instagram users, whose audience counts in billions of users, will also be able to use the stablecoins.

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Jamie Dimon: “Over time, JPM Coin will be available for a wide number of consumers.”

Jamie-Dimon-JPM-Coin-will-be-available-for-consumers Jamie Dimon | Head of JPMorgan

The head of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, said that JPM Coin, which was recently announced by the bank, will become available to the general consumer.

"JP Morgan Coin could be internal, could be commercial, it could one day be consumer," Dimon quotes the CNBC.

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John Carvalho: “There is no need to launch a Bitcoin ETF”

John-Carvalho-There-is-no-need-to-launch-a-Bitcoin-ETF John Carvalho | PR Director at BitRefill

Director of Public Relations at BitRefill, John Carvalho, expressed the opinion that ETF for Bitcoin is not necessary.

"I don't think Bitcoin "needs" an ETF. I'm not sure it will be the catalyst for new money that people hope for either. If a person or entity wants exposure to Bitcoin, they already have options. I'm also not a big fan of large central custodial pools of Bitcoin, it's a recipe for disaster," said Carvalho.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 will support BTC, ETH, COSM and ENJ

Samsung-Galaxy-S10-will-support-BTC-ETH-COSM-and-ENJ Samsung Galaxy S10 will support BTC, ETH, COSM and ENJ

New details about the cryptocurrency wallet built into the Galaxy S10 have become known. It turns out that the cold storage of the smartphone will support only four currencies and only two of them - large.

Reported that of the large coins, the cryptocurrency wallet will support Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, Galaxy S10 will be able to store coins Enjin Coin and Cosmo Coin. These are Korean projects based on the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin Coin is designed for gamers, and Cosmo Coin is associated with the beauty industry.

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Brian Armstrong: “$500M in assets under custody now and growing”

Brian-Armstrong-500M-in-assets-under-custody-now-and-growing Brian Armstrong | Head of Coinbase Exchange

The head of Coinbase Exchange, Brian Armstrong, said that the Coinbase Custody service is popular and holds more than $ 500 million in digital assets.

According to the top manager of one of the world's largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges, such attention to the storage service of cryptocurrencies and digital assets shows that institutional clients are more and more interested in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Andy Singleton: “nobody buys security tokens”

Andy-Singleton-nobody-buys-security-tokens Andy Singleton | Founder of Aboveboard

The market for tokenized securities (STO) is lifeless: current offers suffer from poor liquidity and inadequate information disclosure, which reduces demand from investors.

This opinion was expressed by the founder of Aboveboard Andy Singleton. In the article "The real STO market outlook: near death" he states that, despite "a team of non-existent startups," who "announce infrastructure and publish transactions for sale, no one actually buys them."

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MyEtherWallet will start converting cryptocurrency into Fiat without verification

MyEtherWallet-will-start-converting-without-verification MyEtherWallet will start converting cryptocurrency into Fiat without verification

A popular wallet for Ethereum MyEtherWallet in collaboration with the Swiss company Bity will provide users with the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat without a verification procedure.

Bity provides cryptocurrency services to residents of different countries and serves a network of cryptomattes in Switzerland. The possibility of withdrawal of cryptocurrency in Fiat without verification is possible under the local law on combating money laundering.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 received key vault for cryptocurrency wallets

Samsung-Galaxy-S10-received-key-vault-for-cryptocurrency-wallets Samsung Galaxy S10 received key vault for cryptocurrency wallets

A new mobile flagship Samsung Galaxy S10, in addition to other innovations, received a special storage of secret keys for cryptocurrency wallets. The presentation has already taken place in Seoul, San Francisco and London.

As part of the mobile data protection solution, Samsung Knox has a separate key storage function for cryptocurrency wallets.

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