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"LOCI" ICO Description

Loci invented, patented and launched the platform that is revolutionizing R&D. Loci's first patent, “System and Method for Fuzzy Concept Mapping, Voting Ontology Crowd Sourcing, and Technology Prediction,” ( US9461876 ), reconstructs the mechanisms by which ideas are discovered and attributed to owners. Loci's user platform, InnVenn, is a data aggregation source for search queries that allows users to recognize the location of novel inventions and ideas. This visualizes results in an interactive, user-modifiable, and a visually appealing Venn diagram of technologies, inventions, patents, and ideas.

InnVenn's backend uses the data aggregated from InnVenn searches and refinements while maintaining complete confidentiality and security. The process is a patented system built upon a unique combination of contextual searching, predictive analytics, machine learning, heuristics, Bayesian statistics, and user input. Under the current legal system, the idea discovery and patent process takes years.

InnVenn can reduce that process to minutes. Using the blockchain, this system acts as immutable proof of intellectual property rights on a global scale. Once every past and present invention is on the blockchain, Loci will predict the interactions between every idea that exists or could exist in an effort to create a transparent valuation metric for IP. The gap between current technology and undiscovered connections is what Loci calls “whitespace.”

"LOCI" ICO Details

● ICO Start: December 8, 2017
● ICO Finish: December 31, 2017
● Symbol: LOCI
● Platform: Ethereum

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